Staff Pick: Brian| It Stays – Sumie’s Sumie

It Stays – Sumie’s Sumie (Brian)


Sumie Nagano, the half-Swedish-half-Japanese singer songwriter delivers her depute album like feather – so light and smooth that we almost overlooked in the joyous Christmas season when it released in December. Unlike her sister,Yukimi, who fronts the electro-pop groupLittle Dragon, Sumie has pursued a solitary and acoustic path.

瑞典日本混血兒Sumie Nagano 的第一張專輯像羽毛一般。在歡樂聖誕氣氛下,它輕浮地溜過而我們幾乎忽略了。不像她的姐姐, Yukimi – 電子流行樂隊 Little Dragon的主音,Sumie 獨自走上這條民謠的道路。

The fact that if you google “Sumie” for images you will get whole screen of Japanese ink wash painting simply make Sumie, both the album and the singer, more picturesque and, ghostly beautiful.  The quiet tone and minimalist approach to the album is not just of pure preferences but a need rather. “It was not a style or a sudden choice but more me playing my guitar and having two small children so I could not make much noise…”

試試網上搜尋「Sumie」的圖像,結果看到很多日本水墨畫 (Sumi-e),但這卻使Sumie,無論是她本人或是專輯更如畫如幽靈般的美。全碟裡寧靜和簡約的調子聽來安祥,並不只是單純的喜好,更是一個日常的需要:「這不是一種風格或一個突然的選擇,我有兩個年幼的孩子而當我彈奏吉他時不能大聲喧嘩…… ”

The album was recorded at German pianist Nils Frahm’s Durton studio and was produced by legendary pianist/composer  O’Halloran. Sailor Friend, the last song of the album, is my favourite. A lullaby to kids, A memoir to someone, Sumie’s voice takes us to deep sleep with with Dustin’s soft piano tunes.

專輯在德國鋼琴家Nils Frahm的Durton studio灌錄,並由傳奇鋼琴家/作曲家Dustin O’Halloran監製。專輯的最後一首歌Sailor Friend是我的最愛。是孩子的搖籃曲,又是對某人的回憶。配上Dustin 輕柔的琴音,Sumie的聲音帶我們到沈睡之中。


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