-M- Live in Hong Kong!

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Date:4th March, 2014
Address:Music Zone @ E-Max
Ticket:$600 (All standing)/Available at TicketFlap ; Alliance Française de HK; Parenthéses(French book store)


英國人和美國人發明了流行音樂,而法國人則一直致力創造更獨特的音樂風格。 Matthieu Chedid,也就是鼎鼎大名的 -M-。完美的音樂,卡通化的形象,-M- 狀的髮型,還有那件只有像Prince和Elton John那樣的巨星才會穿得起粉色套裝。上世紀90年代他一出現就在法國音樂界中引起轟動。

-M- 是當代浪漫主義的完美結晶 - 優美的編曲,破壞性的吉他聲效,真假難辨的造型,所有這些元素都被樂迷們由始至終追捧著。-M- 的現場演出曾讓上百個體育館座無虛席;曾贏得9個音樂獎項的 -M-,還參與過各種各樣的音樂合作計劃 - 如為電影《瘋狂約會美麗都》製作電影原聲,與歌手Vanessa Paradis及Sean Lennon共同創作。-M- 跟很多音樂人一樣在音樂裡談論「愛」,但之間的分別是, -M- 在法語中就是「愛」的同音字,而且總能在各種情歌和抒情歌曲中以他充滿節奏感的急促吉他Riff演繹出獨特的「小小的邪惡感」。

2009年,Matthieu決定脫下他的那些誇張的裝束,以更簡單的形象示人。同年推出的專輯《Mister Mystère》 - 他的第五張錄音室專輯。此專輯相對帶點陰鬱,與Matthieu一直快樂正面的形象產生反差。同時,這張新專輯的發佈巡演亦把他首次帶到中國,演出了3場令人難以忘懷的音樂會。2013年,-M- 推出新專輯《II》,並跟兩位樂手組成新的樂隊,創造出更簡單直接、更搖滾的音樂。 14年,他將再次登陸中國,不只是現場演出,而且還將與上海地下音樂女王ChaCha和她的樂隊AM444進行一次精彩的跨國合作。

趁著即將開始的2014年中國巡演,精選集《Mister-M-》將於香港和台灣同步發行。此專輯將收錄-M-近兩張專輯 -《Mister Mystère》和《II》中的經典曲目!

English and Americans might have invented Pop Music, but France owns some unique specimens of the genre. Matthieu Chedid, better known as –M-, is arguably one of them. Appeared in the 90’s with a cartoonesque look, an M shaped haircut, pink suits like only Prince or Elton John would wear, –M- has been glowing since then above the French pop rock scene.

-M- is the brilliant result of contemporary romanticism, beautiful song craft and devastating guitar sound. His half real, half disguised character has been captivating audiences for over a decade. He has filled up hundreds of concert halls, delivering grandiose performances in extravagant décors, won 9 music awards and signed various collaborations such as the OST of Les Triplettes de Belleville, or songs with Vanessa Paradis or even Sean Lennon. Like many singers –M- talks about love. But not like everyone else. First, “–M-” is an homophone of « Love » in French, second because –M- always manages to turn any love song or ballad into something devilishly sensual yet always applying the magic of his agile and rhythmic guitar riffs.

In 2009, Matthieu Chedid decided to drop the extravagant costumes and show himself with more simplicity with the release of Mister Mystère, his 5th album which unveils a tiny hint of darkness as a response to Chedid’s  always joyful looking character . The tour that followed the release of this album led him to China where he gave 3 unforgettable concerts in June 2010. In 2013 he releases “Il”, a new album with a new trio line up. Simpler, more straight forward, with more rock. This trio is on its way to China again in 2014 not only for a series of concerts but also to consummate a collaboration that Matthieu has first started virtually with Shanghai based underground songstress ChaCha and her duet project called AM 444.

Alongside his tour coming up in March 2014, an album called Mister –M- will be released specially for China Hong Kong and Taiwan featuring a selection of some of the best tunes from both “Mister Mystère” and “Il”.


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