Best of 2014 Game Revealed!

Back in early January we played a game by asking our subscribers to fill out a questionnaire and those who give the best answers will receive gift set. Here are the results!

Q: Choose the appropriate identity

Best: Deluxe Edition – Wee Kang
Ed: Who on earth identify oneself as “deluxe edition”? Who doesn’t like deluxe edition anyway?

Q: What do you suggest Love Da do in 2015?
Best:Host a kickass festival and beat Clockenflap! – Chunsheng
Ed: We received quite alot of replies asking us to make more concerts. This is encouraging! But this one particularly is like pumping gallons of Redbull into our vein!

Q: What is your New Year wish?
Best:買更多Love Da發行的專輯,最好每一張都買齊。- 唯宸
Ed: My boss should marry you.

extra points: Peace in Hong Kong – Wayne
Ed: yes we all do.

Q: What is your favourite album of Love Da’s Best of 2014? Why
Best:“The Pains of Being Pure At Heart 過往一直以Noise-pop樂隊形象示人,同時過去兩張大碟亦取得樂迷一定的認同。噪音配上甜美旋律一直是他們的必殺方程式,可是新專輯《Days of Abandon》卻沒有留戀過往的成功,反之而最簡約的結他Arrangement奪取大家的芳心。

我喜歡他們的大膽嘗試,清楚樂隊不能走進Shoegaze噪音死胡同裡,這次轉型相當之成功。甜蜜男主唱配上女和聲,加上簡單動聽的旋律,窩心程度比次前有過之而無不及。單單是他們的勇氣及成熟度,足以讓它成為我的Love Da’s Best of 2014。” – Nien

Ed: we see the love, man.

And besides, we received most counts for The Temples – Sun Structures!

Thankyou for all of the suggestions and supports. Really great push for us to work harder. Please stay tuned and we promised to give you more good music!

Listen to our best of 2014 here


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