Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around

Balthazar – Then What

慵懶的聲線配上laid back的音樂,比利時樂隊Balthazar 是歐洲大陸最炙手可熱的樂隊。事實上,他們所有的專輯獲得了MIA(音樂工業獎)。可惜歐洲以外似乎迴響不大。他們很快就要發布第三張專輯《Thin Walls》。讓我們聽聽首支單曲 – Then What。

With the lazy singing and the chilling arrangement, the Belgium band’s unique sounding makes them the hottest band in the Europe continent. Indeed, all of their albums won the MIA (Music Industry Award). It’s a pity there seems not enough noise beyond the continent. They are releasing their 3rd album Thin Walls soon. Let’s listen to the first single.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Tardigrade Song

來自Brighton的天才年輕音樂人Cosmo Sheldrake身懷多種絕技:豐富的音樂元素,充滿異國情調的旋律,多變的編曲和loop station給人無限驚喜。他的最新EP 《Pelicans We》令我們日夜拍手叫唱。當你看到他的現場演出,相信會更加驚訝呢。

This genius young multi-instrumentalists from Brighton gives surprises with everything from his music: rich compositions, exotic melodies, intriguing instrumentation and the loop pedal. His latest EP Pelicans We got us tapping and singing along all days long. You’ll be more surprised when you see his live performance.

Dorian Concept – The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix)

去年,這個年紀輕輕的電子音樂家在電音界憑首作《Joint Ends》闖出一個名堂。最近他與實驗音樂家Tim Hecker聯手等發布了remix板本。新專輯即將推出啦!

Last year this young electronic musician created a buzz among the electric circle with his soundscapesque deput Joint Ends. He is releasing a remix teaming up with all the giants like experimentalist Tim Hecker. And stay tuned, new album on the way.

Zun Zun Egui – African Tree

我希望一月不會這麼快就結束,因為Zun Zun Egui的新專輯就是在一月發行,不希望人們這麼快就忘記他們。Zun Zun Egui的音樂滿載驚喜:大概想像一下隊英式搖滾樂隊混合了Led Zeppelin和非洲節拍吧!好在評論家和樂迷都喜愛他們。目前為止他們還佔據著年度最佳專輯第四位。

I hope January does not end so soon because it’s the release of the new album of Zun Zun Egui and I do not want people to forget them so soon. Their music sounds special: imagine a British band who mixes Led Zeppelin and African beat. Gladly, critics and music fans love them too. Up until now, its the 4th best album of the year.

Lapulux – Closure

去年Lapulux展示了電子音樂可以有幾黑暗。專輯Nostalchic的製作是如此精緻細膩得近乎變態了。新專輯Closure 即將推出。

Lapulux demonstrated the darkest of dark in electronic music with his last album Nostalchic, a piece so fine and delicate one could smell fetish. New album, Closure is coming soon.




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