Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #2

Maribou State – Rituals

這對二人電子組合第一次於大學碰面便很快成為好友,並開始了Maribou State。不久之後他們又已得到外國音樂圈所認識,為Kelis, Fatboy Slim and Lana Del Rey等作remixes。 首張專輯即將在六月份出世。

The electronic duo first met each other in University and soon they became firm friends and sparked off their music project as Maribou State. Not long afterwards they gained international reputation with remixes for including Kelis, Fatboy Slim and Lana Del Rey. And It all happened within 2 years. Deput album coming in June.

Young Fathers – Shame

愛丁堡hip hop組合Young Fathers去年驚喜地獲水星獎一事,終於讓我們有機會知道原來音樂可以這樣的活生生的原始。看看他們的現場表演你總會信服吧。他們發布了2首新專輯《White Men Are Black Men Too》的歌曲。

The Edinburgh Hip Hop Group’s surprising win in the Mercury Award last year finally give everyone a chance to know of such a raw and bloody force in music. Watch them live and you will be convinced. So far They have released 2 songs from the new album White Men Are Black Men Too.  

Waxahatchee – Under A Rock

創作歌手Katie Crutchfield 寫歌總是沒有餘地。 “Under A Rock”有關於孤獨,是一首非常簡單的歌。但偏偏這就是它的魅力所在。新專輯 《Ivy Tripp》將於四月份推出。

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield can write bare-bone songs that everyone loves. “Under A Rock” talks about solitude. A very simple song but that’s where the magic works. Her new album Ivy Tripp is coming in April.

Helena Hauff – The First Time He thought, He Died

德國電子音樂人Helena Hauff的作品有夠污垢和鬱悶。聽得耐隨時把人逼瘋。新專輯叫 《Lex Tertia》,為拉丁文,意思是“第三定律。大概是指牛頓的第三定律:「每一個動作,有一個大小相等,方向相反的反作用力。」

German electronic musician Helena Hauff’s tune is grime and depressing. It could turn you insane for listening for long time. She named her new album Lex Tertia. A Latin phrase meaning “The Third Law”, probably referring to Newton’s Third Law, stating that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Duke Garwood – Burning Seas

Duke Garwood是一位資深樂手,而骨子裏是藍得發黑的藍調音樂人。他最近以最簡陋的風格唱出最新專輯《Heavy Love》內幾首歌。有種不能承受的重。

Duke Garwood is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and deep inside a bluesiest of blues musician. He performed some tracks off his recent album Heavy Love in this stripped-down setting. The results are unbearably heavy.



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