Born of a Jazz Legend – Kamasi Washington


To some people, Jazz is the Rock music they headbang to, the EDM they dance to on Friday nights, the psychedelic music they indulged in – Jazz is everything. It is exceptionally rare for Love Da – for Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder too – to release a proper jazz album but it will all make the perfect sense. And we are proud to present The Epic.

對一些人來說爵士是他們的搖滾樂,是星期五晚玩通宵的EDM,是迷幻音樂 – 爵士就是一切。Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune罕有地推出爵士樂唱片。Love Da自豪推介 – 《The Epic》

By “Proper Album”, please don’t be misled with “boring” or “generic”. This is not the music of thousands others as which merely fulfilling as background music at cafes and Soho bars. Instead of ripping off from the giants, I see the legitimate heir to the Jazz kings like John Coltrane, Adderley Cannonball. It pushes the boundary within its own. Kasami’s music is rich, innovative and intensive, sweating intensive. “He just plays the craziest shit, man. I mean, everything — the past, present, the future, What I am hearing is a leader among artists.” Says Flying Lotus, founder of Brainfeeder and who has released Your’re Dead! , an otherworldly album mixing Jazz, electronics, hiphops and future bits 10 years ahead of our time.

這不是千篇一律的jazz,不是咖啡館或Soho酒吧的背景音樂。這是爵士天王如John Coltrane, Adderley Cannonball等的正統繼承。Kamasi的音樂豐富,創新和爆炸性的緊湊。「他的音樂最是瘋狂。無論一切 – 過去、現在、未來,我所聽到的是藝術家中的領導者。」Flying Lotus說道。他是Brainfeeder的創始人,去年發布了一張混合爵士,電子,hiphop和各種元素的一張超凡專輯 《Your’re Dead! 》。

Releasing via Brainfeeder label is makes the perfect sense even though it sounds odd at the first thought. Brainfeeder is actually well-known for bending music boundaries. Following the creative progress of Flylo, all the way from 1983 to Your Dead! , he never did leave Jazz behind his mind. Recalling that Flying Lotus, came from John Coltrane’s family. If Kamasi’s mission is “to remove jazz from the shelf of relics and make it new, unexpected, and dangerous again”,  Releasing a jazz album with Brainfeeder is the rightest thing. Imagine how a Lapulux fans would react upon hearing 14-minute of analoggie-lively Sax, trumpet crisscrossing Trombone, and the beats from double drum sets? It simply multiplies the impact.

通過Brainfeeder這著名電子音樂廠牌發布一張jazz專輯好像有點奇怪,但其實又完全地正確。 眾所周知Brainfeeder的很會打破音樂界限。而一聽Flylo過往的作品,從《1983》到《Your’re Dead! 》 ,他從來沒有與爵士樂分開。事實上他自己就有著John Coltrane的血統。如果Kamasi的宗旨是「從文物櫃拿走爵士樂,令它再次變成新鮮的、意想不到和危險的」,那以Brainfeeder推出《The Epic》就沒錯了。試想像一下,Lapulux的樂迷一聽到那14分鐘長的Saxophone、小號長號交錯、兩套鼓的節拍會怎樣反應?

The Epic is a 17 songs, 172 minutes, 3CDs experience, composed by Washington and played by his ten-piece band, (a Dectet, with Kamasi himself on Tenor Saxophone, and Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, two Drums and Percussion), featuring a 32-piece orchestra and a 20-person choir. It will be released in early May this year. Watch a live clip below. Can you see the burning eyes?

《The Epic》收錄17首歌曲,長達172 分鐘於3CD。全由Kamasi操刀,由他的10人樂隊演奏(─Dectet,Kamasi自己的中音色士風、長號、小號、鋼琴、電子琴、低音吉他,電子低音吉他、兩奪鼓以及敲擊樂),加上32人管弦樂團和20人合唱團助陣。今年5月發布。再看看下面的live,看到那雙燃燒的眼睛嗎?


The Epic Vol.1: The Plan

1. Change of the Guard 12:16
2. Askim 12:35
3. Isabelle 12:13
4. Final Thought 6:32
5. The Next Step 14:49
6. The Rhythm Changes 7:44

The Epic Vol.2: The Glorious Tale

1. Miss Understanding 8:46
2. Leroy and Lanisha 9:24
3. Re Run 8:20
4. Seven Prayers 7:36
5. Henrietta Our Hero 7:14
6. The Magnificent 7 12:46

The Epic Vol.3: The Historic Repetition

1. Re Run Home 14:06
2. Cherokee 8:14
3. Clair de Lune 11:08
4. Malcolm’s Theme 8:41
5. The Message 11:09



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