Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #3

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Eaves – Pylons

樂隊名字有詩意,歌聲和音樂亦優美。「Eaves 」就是屋子的簷篷。聽他們的新歌Pylons就正有種下雨天站在屋簷下,間時幾滴雨點落在你身上但又無所謂的感覺。

A poetic name, beautiful voice and music.  Eaves is the little edge extending from the roof of houses. Listening to Pylons gives you exactly the chilling sensation of standing under the eaves for a brief shelter at rainy days, where occasionally a few raindrops fall on you but you feel fine.

Fink – Hard Believer (kstr10179) of Horizontalism

去年Fink 製作了一張非常出色的專輯《Hard Believer》。它為folk音樂開闢了一條新路向。但馬上Fink和他的團隊已經又走上新方向:為《Hard Believer》再混音成一隻充滿電音氛圍的專輯。

Last year Fink made a subliminal album – Hard Believer. It was brilliant because it has opened up with folk/acoustic music. So soon Fink and his team has gone on a different path remixing the tracks in Hard Believer into somewhat electronic soundscape.

Portico – Atacama (feat. Joe Newman of Alt-J)

很可惜Portico Quartet因成員離開而要告別了。往好處看,有危就有機吧。改名為Portico後,音樂從jazz味變成更多的電子音樂元素,氣氛亦更黑暗。 “Atacama”邀請到的Alt-J主唱Joe Newman合作。

It’s a pity to learn that the amazing bands Portico Quartet ceased because of left of members. Look at the bright side, perhaps it could open up something new. Now called Portico, the 3-piece group turns to a darker mood, with more electronics music elements. “Atacama” features the vocalist of Alt-J, Joe Newman.

Other Lives – Reconfiguration

講開Alt-J,如果你覺得This Is All Yours好正,那你一定不會對Other Lives新MV感到失望!劍擊,舞蹈和肢體動作融為一體之作!

Talking about Alt-J, those who are crazy with This Is All Yours will not be disappointed with this new video by Other Lives. A play of fencing, dancing and body movement.

Anabel (lee) – Believe

下個月就是Record Store Day了,Ninja Tune 的Anabel (lee) 特別製作了一首鬼魅又優美的歌。當中sample 了各種聲帶如Nick Drake到Jazz都有。「Believe」是以保護在倫敦极极可危的獨立唱片店的計劃一部分。詳盡故事點擊這裏

Record Store Day is coming soon next month. Anabel (lee) from Ninja Tune is releasing a new beautiful and haunting track, sampling with all sorts of material from Nick Drake to Jazz. It was a part of the meaningful campaign to save closing independent record stores in London. Story click here.


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