British Prime Minister Shares Indie Music Taste

聽說英國首相卡梅倫在一次採訪中分享了他愛上了War On Drugs。他說:「我的妻子介紹了這個叫War On Drugs的讓我聽,值得推薦,是一支好樂隊。你可以在Spotify或iTunes找到他們。反正他們是很好的!」各國領導人有著獨立音樂品味總是令人著迷。現年48歲的卡梅倫還自稱是the Smiths的粉絲,又是年輕流行組合HAIM的樂迷。

Recently we heard that the British Prime Minister David Cameron shared in a recent interview that he is fond of the War On Drugs. He said, “[My wife] Samantha got me listening to a new thing called The War On Drugs. I can recommend it. They’re a band. You can find them on Spotify or iTunes. Anyway, they’re good!” It is always fascinating (and two part bitter and sour as HKer) for us to learn about world leaders’ indie music taste.  The 48-year-old Mr. Cameron has also claimed to be a fan of the Smiths and, the young pop group HAIM.

大西洋的另一邊,Hipster奧巴馬在2012年預定了一整場Two Door Cinema Club現場演出還時常掛在我們口邊。他的iPod playlist不會讓人失望。當一位英國首相喜歡了一隊美國樂隊而同時美國總統又愛上一隊英國樂隊很可愛吧。

On the other side of the Atlantic, hipster Obama booked out a show of Two Door Cinema Club in 2012 is always our story to tell. Infact, his eclectic iPod playlist is never disappointing. Anyway, it’s interesting when a British Prime minister likes an American band and a US president likes a British band.

我再google一下各國領袖的音樂品味,得出了敘利亞總統雖然與美國交惡,但原來對美式rap愛不釋手。儘管美國對敘利亞實施禁運,敘利亞總統始終要合法正當地擁有Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, tribute to Cliff Richards等的音樂 – 他用其他名字和一個紐約地址在iTunes註冊。

I go on to google world leaders’ music taste and I got Syrian President, who is kind of in bad terms with US, turns out loving of american rap music. Despite the US trade embargo with Syria, it doesn’t stop Assad support for a legal and legitimate copies of Chris Brown, Leona Lewis, tribute to Cliff Richards and many others – he registered with another name and a New York address.


I tried to look for CY Leung’s music taste. Seeing the results, i’m not sure if he hasn’t shared any at all or the media just don’t bother to ask. Either way, there is so much for Hong Konger to envy: leaders liking new music; the general atmosphere and freedom to ask and to answer such. I hope somewhere in the Government House, under the neo-classical ornamental ceiling, swirling along the corridors and rooms there is some, any, music playing on.

在G8峰會上,英國唱片業向各國元首送上一份小禮物 ─ 由Alt-J打頭陣的英國音樂新秀精選。

In a G8 meeting, the British record industry presented to world leaders a gift, a playlist of Britain’s rising music star, headlined by Alt-J.


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