Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #4

MG – Europa Hymn

Martin Gore的資歷無容置疑可以點石成金。改名為MG,這位Depeche Mode要員就是要擁抱電子音樂,做一張純音樂專輯。Europa Hymn簡單、迷人。同名專輯MG將於四月下旬發行。

Martin Gore’s prolific background tells us he can make gold with music. Renamed simply as MG, the founding member of Depeche Mode turns to instrumental embracing the pure pleasure of electronic music. Europa Hymn is a simple and mesmerizing track. Self-titled album MG releases in late April.

Lapalux – Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)

Lapalux能製作最悲傷最黑暗的音樂。但Puzzle是濛瀧的而性感的。伙拍英國新星Andreya Triana(曾跟Flying Lotus等合作,她自己亦快將推出下一張個人專輯),Puzzle是Lapulux新專輯的最新單曲Lustmore。

Lapulux can make the saddest and darkest music. But Puzzle is smoky, and love makingly moody. Featuring a rising British stars Andreya Triana (who collaborated with Flying Lotus and who are going to release her next album soon), Puzzle is the new single off Lapalux’s new album Lustmore.

Kopecky – Quarterback

來先美國Nashville的樂隊Kopecky的歌曲讓人一聽就愛。前身叫Kopecky Family Band,他們的首作大收歡迎,連紐約時報都話:「如果你喜歡Fleetwood Mac,那就要試聽Kopecky Family Band……機智得來又不落俗套」

The Nashville band have the power to make songs everybody adore. Formerly known as the Kopecky Family Band, their deput was so successful that the New York Times once said, “If you like Fleetwood Mac, try Kopecky Family Band…intelligent and a bit edgy, but still mainstream.”



Stornoway is not just another pop band. The vocal of the band is an ornithologist – a nerd for birds. The love for birds is shown in their new album which features the birdsong of more than 20 different species. In this new video Get Low, 5 real geese are here to support the video.

Delerium – Aurora

溫哥華電子樂隊Delerium將集結超過15年的材料推出B-side合輯。B-sides and Rarities將於四月下旬推出。

The Vancouver electronic group is releasing a B-side compilation with materials over 15 years.  with Aurora, B-sides and Rarities is releasing in late April.



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