Le French May - Brigitte Live in Hong Kong




Date: 23th May 2015
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Venue: HKAPA The Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre
Tickets: $380/$280/$180/$100 (50% off for AFHK cardholders)

Tickets available at HK TICKETING

猶如回到「花樣年華」的歲月,法國女子二人組合 Brigitte 的音樂糅合了酒廊流行音樂、復古民謠、法國歌廳音樂, 充滿了六十年的代復古風, 令人神迷。她們首次在香港舉行演唱會,絕對不容錯過!

A throwback to the flower power era, the 60’s sounds of Brigitte whose music combines lounge-pop, retro folk and French cabaret are just mesmerising. Their first time concert in Hong Kong is not to be missed under any circumstances!

這二人組合由Aurelie Saada 及Sylvie Hoarau於2008 年成立, 為了向六十年代幾位名人如Brigitte Bardot 致敬,因而採用了她們的名字作為組合的名稱。她們為電影《末路狂花》重新翻錄了歌曲《海邊的假期》,隨後簽約法國著名音樂品牌Wagram Music 並發行了第一張單曲專輯《戰鬥吧》,這首歌曲改編自法國嘻哈組合SuprêmeNTM 九十年代的代表作《Ma Benz》。這首翻唱隨後成為法國熱門歌曲。同年她們為專輯造勢在法國巡演超過二十場。很快Brigitte 越來越受歡迎。她們的歌曲廣泛在
電視電台及互聯網上播出,而她們亦成為《ELLE》、《VOGUE》、《LES INROCKS》等雜誌的封面人物。2015 年獲提名法國音樂大獎, Brigitte 現已成為了一種潮流!

About Brigitte

Named in honor of several of the 60’s icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Aurelie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau formed the duo in 2008. After recording a cover version of Les Vacances au Bord de la Mer for the film “Thelma, Louise et Chantal”, the pair signed with Wagram Records and released their first EP, Battez-Vous, which featured a unique take on Suprême NTM’s 90’s hip-hop anthem Ma Benz. The latter became a hit in France. In the same year, the duo toured for more than twenty concerts in France. Very soon Brigitte became a huge success. Their videos are everywhere on TV, internet and they make the cover page of magazines such as ELLE, VOGUE and LES INROCKS.
Nominated for the French music awards 2015, Brigitte is now a phenomenon!


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