Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #5

Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

Live 演出時會互相交換彈結他跟貝司的Girlpool, 在沒有鼓手的情況下, 簡單的伴奏, 令二人對唱跟和聲表現得更率性。

Girlpool always exchange their guitar and bass in live show, without drummer in most instances, simple accompaniment may be the other way to show their harmony.



ASH – Kablammo!

相隔8年, 北愛爾蘭樂隊Ash 新專輯繼續帶住爽快的油漬搖滾為今年夏天畫上最絢爛的色彩!!

Northern Irish band Ash is bringing their new album with cheerful and colorful grunge after eight years!!



PINS – Wild Nights

於今年曾為Sleater-Kinney 演出作暖場嘉賓的PINS, 新專輯Wild Nights以烈女形象展示人前。難怪SK會邀請她們,除了大家都係全女band外,其獨立敢言個性跟SK有幾份相似。

As a opening guests for Sleater-Kinney’s live, PINS’s new album Wild Nights is always being young and unruly. It is quite same as SK’s character, those of them are girl band also.



Summer Camp – Bad Love

一男一女組合Summer Camp,光聽到名字就令人想到那些年暑假種種歴奇新鮮事。立夏已過,你就讓那擴音機扭開,令Summer Camp充斥住整個夏天!!

You will recall all about crazy of young when you heard Summer Camp, Let’s Summer Camp in your playlist during in whole summer!!



Prinzhorn Dance School – Home Economics

帶有強烈Post-Punk色彩的Prinzhorn Dance School,新專輯Home Economics將於六月上旬推出。

Prinzhorn Dance School is a two pieces with strong Post-Punk, their new album would release on early of June.




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