Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #6

Mew – Satellites


Just lie down and imagine you stay with a lone satellite when you are hearing this unplugged version of Satellites.


Kamasi Washington and Miles Mosley – MK1

為大家介紹Kamasi Washington專輯The Epic中擔由低音大提琴的Miles Mosley,他的音色、節奏絕對令大家耳目一新。跟Kamasi Washington一樣,秉持傳統跟創新。鏡頭一開首,跟結他手一樣多的音效器材便展現Miles Mosley富實驗性的音樂細胞(雖然他的身份也包含結他手)。

Miles Mosley is double bassist in Kamasi Washington’s album The Epic. He is a experimental musician same as Kamasi Washington with traditional spirit and passion on innovational stuff. The full gear as guitarist is a provenance as we can see at the beginning(He is a guitarist also).

搖滾界名曲Voodoo Child,原本開首的結他前奏Miles Mosley居然用上低音大提琴,仲有solo咁兇狠?!片中更有Kamasi Washington友情客串。

Miles Mosley played the alternative version with Double Bass in one of the classic rock piece Voodoo Child, he plays Double Bass like guitarist in intro riff and solo! It is incredible! Also Kamasi Washington played in the video.


Newest MV:

Eaves – Dove In Your Mouth

Drenge – Running Wild



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