July 2015

Check out what’s new in July 2015!


Gwenno – Y Dydd Olaf 




Albert Hammond Jr. – Momentary Masters



152774Memphis Industries

Field Music – Music for Drifters



Ear Music

Gamma Ray – Heading of Tomorrow 



a3995997681_10Tru Thoughts

Quantic presents The Western Transient – A New Constellation



5054429001952Ninja Tune

Seven Davis Jr. – Universes



TRUT515613CDTru Thoughts

Ghost Writerz – GWz All The Way



COF-Hammer-of-WitchesLove Da / Nuclear Blast

Cradle of Filth – Hammer of the Witches

“If your expectations for a truly great Cradle of Filth album have slowly eroded as each post-Midian release failed to meet the standard, it’s time to get your hopes up.” - Sputnikmusic


153492FatCat Records

Best Friends – Hot. Reckless. Totally insane.

“Best Friends’ debut full-length offering is as endearing as they come. Since they first formed four years ago, their garage punk sound has become a staple of the UK DIY scene. Consisting of songs about everything from video game marathons to drinking toxic waste, ‘Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane.’ is a snapshot in time.” - DIY Magazine



Frankie & The Heartstrings – Decency

“Frankie & The Heartstrings have become a Sunderland supergroup of sorts, with The Futureheads’ Ross Millard joining their ranks alongside Hookworms’ MJ on production duties. This reshuffle – in Decency’s best moments – adds bite to the band’s Orange Juice-inflected jangle.” - NME Magazine


twistMemphis Industries

Aero Flynn – Aero Flynn

Aero Flynn is an engrossing artistic statement born out of tumultuous circumstances. This one mesmerizing piece is worth savoring all on its own.” - Consequence of Sound


81dtIQLgGEL._SX355_Ear Music

SAGA – Best Of: Now And Then-The Collection

The Best of the 80’s Rock n’ Roll’s Collection!!


ezra-furmanBella Union

Ezra Furman – Perpetual Motion People

“You might have already heard ‘Restless Year’, the first single from the album, and a good sign of things to come – upbeat, cheery and yet morose – an overtone to the album as a whole. While ‘Hark to the Music’ – “hark to the melody, we’re all gonna die” – is a jubilant anthem for youthful, reckless abandon; Furman’s laconic call to arms.” - Clash Magazine


00366daa_mediumADF Communications

Asian Dub Foundation – More Signal More Noise

“As righteous as Asian Dub Foundation’s message was in their late-‘90s heyday, this eighth studio full-length is actually a reshuffled version of a 2013 album which only came out in Japan. Elsewhere dub, jazz and post-punk are threaded together in fresh, unorthodox fashion (‘Semira’), just about outweighing the scattering of rote drum’n’bass numbers.” - NME Magazine


envy2Rock Action Records

Envy – Atheist’s Cornea

“Arrives after the longest break between their albums, reaching out toward post-hardcore, metal and emo, incorporate some combination of Deafheaven, Touché Amoré and Mono, Atheist’s Cornea plays out a complete role reversal. Envy just sounds like an Envy-influenced band now!” - Pitchfork


153473Harbinger Sound

Sleaford Mods – Key Markets

“Crudity, spittle, black humor and unpretty voices as durable tools to express discontent with blunt basement-rock bass and drum.” - Pitchfork


未命名-1Ear Music

Dagoba – Tales Of The Black Dawn

“If you want something that’s primarily in “Hulk Smash!” mode, with touches of melody and atmosphere, this album has you covered.” - No Clean Singing


5054429002157Ninja Tune

Lee Bannon – Pattern of Excel

“Aside from a few incidental scraps, there are no voices here, and there are hardly any beats, either—just rumbling synths, quivering effects, placid electric guitar, and oodles of atmosphere. It’s not inconceivable that you might mistake it for some forgotten post-rock obscurity from the mid-’90s.” - Pitchfork


未命名-2FatCat Records

C Duncan – Architect

“This segues into the standout track Garden, a genre-less sporting so delightfully various it flies in the face of all analogy – one might hear Miles Davis joining Miles Kane to reinterpret Last Shadow Puppets songs while Yes and ELO play muzak standards in the unsoundproofed room next door.” - The Skinny Magazine


Re-issue’s Selection

Andrea_Corr_-_LifelinesCooking Vinyl

Andrea Corr – Lifelines 


51PQhaxrihLCooking Vinyl –

Billy Ocean – Because I Love You 


Therapy-Front-CoverCooking Vinyl

Therapy? – A Brief Crack Of Light


MI0003015350Cooking Vinyl

Ali Campbell – Great British Songs 


004459139_190Cooking Vinyl

Various Artists – Celtic Skies 


004459159_190Cooking Vinyl

Various Artists – Tranquil Moon 


Heaven_and_Earth_(John_Martyn_album)Cooking Vinyl

John Martyn – Heaven And Moon


Buck FizzCooking Vinyl

Formely of Bucks Fizz – Fame & Fortune?

71cf3ril+hL._SL1000_Cooking Vinyl

Mica Paris – Born Again 


Cooking Vinyl

Aswad – City Lock


Viva_200Cooking Vinyl

Bananarama – Viva 




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