November 2015

Check out what’s new in November 2015!

f5d3ca272b407b94e4b8a849a14042ab.620x620x1Marathon Artists

Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit coming! (Deluex Ed.)
Product Code: HA0036CDXE (2CD)/ HA0036LPXE (2LP)
Genre: Grunge Rock
Release Date: 6th Nov



Arca – Mutant
Product Code: CDSTUMM386 (1CD)
Genre: Electronic/ Experimental
Release Date: 20th Nov


Lanterns_on_the_Lake_-_Beings_600_600Bella Union

Lanterns on The Lake – Beings
Product Code: BELLA493CD (1CD)/ BELLA493V (1LP+1CD)
Genre: Indie Rock:
Release Date: 13th Nov



Songhoy Blues – Music In Exile Deluxe
Product Code: TRANS192CD
Genre: Desert Blues
Release Date: 6th Nov



Tinariwen – Live In Paris
Product Code: WEDGECD00115 (1CD)/ WEDGELP001115 (2LP)
Genre: World/ Tichumaren/ Blues
Release Date: 6th Nov


WeAreNotsHeavenly Recordings

Nots – We Are Nots
Product Code: HVNLP122CD (1CD)
Genre: Punk/ Grunge Rock
Release Date: 20th Nov


43171-illuminations1965 Records

Lusts – Illuminations
Product Code: OLIVE1009CD (1CD)/ OLIVE1009V (1LP+1CD)
Genre: Sheogazing/ Psychedelic Rock
Release Date: 6th Nov
cd13-20_cover_emilie_levienaise-farrouchFat Cat Records

Emilie Levienaise Farrouch – Like Water Through The Sand
Product Code: CD1320 (1CD)
Genre: Post-Classical
Release Date: 13th Nov


traams_-_modern_dancingFat Cat Records

Traams – Modern Dancing
Product Code: FATCD136 (1CD)
Genre: Noise Rock
Release Date: 13th Nov


IrminSchmidt_ElectroVioletSpoon/ Mute

Irmin Schmidt – Electro Violet
Product Code: IRMINBOX1 (12CD Boxset)
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 20th Nov



Songhoy Blues – Re-covered
Product Code: TRANS212X (12″ EP)
Genre: Desert Blues
Release Date: 13th Nov


5021392895192Big Dada

Congo Natty – Jungle Revolution in Dub
Product Code: BDCD243 (1CD)/ BD243 (2LP + MP3)
Genre: Reggae/ Electronic
Release Date: 13th Nov


Prequel Tapes - Inner Systems_bc_673R’COUP’D

Prequel Tapes – Inner System
Product Code: RCPDCD008 (1CD)
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 13th Nov



DJ Paypal – Sold Out
Product Code: BF056 (2 x 12″)
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 13th Nov



Oneohtrix Point Never – Garden of Delete
Product Code: WARPCD266 (1CD)/ WARPLP266 (2LP)
Genre: Electronic/ Experimental/ Ambient
Release Date: 13th Nov


Mogwai-government_commissionsRock Action Records

Mogwai – Government Commissions (BBC Sessions 1996-2003)
Procduct Code: ROCKACT70CD (1CD)
Genre: Post-Rock
Release Date: 6th Nov


155776Test Card Recordsings

Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik
Product Code: TCRCDS06 (1CD)/ TCRVS06 (12″)
Genre: Instrumental Rock/ Electronic
Release Date: 20th Nov



Dub Phizix – FABRICLIVE 84: Dub Phizix
Product Code: FABRIC168 (1CD)
Genre: Drum & Bass
Release Date: 27th Nov



Bibio – Fi
Product Code: WARPCD267 (1CD)/ WARPLP267 (2LP)
Genre: Folktronica
Release Date: 27th Nov



Bibio – Ambivalence Avenue
Product Code: WARPLP177 (2LP)
Genre: Folktronica
Release Date: 27th Nov



Various Artists – Buddha-Bar: The Ultimate Experience (Box Set)
Product Code: 3332572 (10CD)
Genre: Electroic
Release Date: 27th Nov


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