January 2016

Check out what’s new in January 2016!

Gravity AlterstraLona +

Gravity Alterstra – Dynamyte Love
Product Code: LONAP001 (1CD)
Genre: Alternative Electronic/ Local
Release Date: 22nd Jan




Fat White Family – Songs For Our Mothers
Product Code: WOUTC005CD (1CD)/ WOUTC005V (1LP+DL)
Genre: Experimental Rock
Release Date: 22nd Jan




Arca – Mutant
Product Code: STUMM386 (2LP+DL)
Genre: Experimental Electronic
Release Date: 22nd Jan



MONEY-byJulienBourgeois08smallerBella Union

Money – Suicide Songs
Product Code: BELLA518CD (1CD)/ BELLA518V (1LP+DL)
Genre: Dystopian Choral/ Indie Rock
Release Date: 29th Jan




Nzca Lines – Infinite Summer
Product Code: MI0388CD (1CD+1LP)
Genre: Pop Rock
Release Date: 22nd Jan



Promise And The Monster - Feed The FireBella Union

Promise and The Monster – Fee The Fire
Product Code: BELLA492CD (1CD)/ BELLA492V (1LP+DL)
Genre: Pop Rock/ Indie Folk
Release Date: 22nd Jan



RS1515LP_packshot_web-442x442R&S Records

Alex Smoke – Love Over Will
Product Code: RS1515CD (1CD)/ RS1515LP (1LP)
Genre: Mircohouse/ Electronica
Release Date: 22nd Jan



RWJ deluxe packshot37 Adventures

Royce Wood Junior – The Ashen Tang (Deluxe Version)
Product Code: ADVENTURE028C (1CD)/ADVENTURE028V (1LP)
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 29th Jan



Turin-Brakes-Lost-Property-COOKCD638Cooking Vinyl

Turin Brakes – Lost Property
Product Code: COOKCD638 (1CD)/ COOKLP638 (1LP)
Genre: Folk Rock
Release Date: 29th Jan




Night Beats – Who Sold My Generation
Product Code: HVNLP123CD (1CD)/ HVNLP123 (1LP+DL)
Genre: Surf Rock/ Psychedelic Rock
Release Date: 29th Jan



29ca35ffe2Ear Music

The Resistance – Coup De Grace
Product Code: 0210572EMU (1CD)
Genre: Death Metal
Release Date: 22nd Jan



The_Winery_Dogs_albumEar Music

The Winery Dogs – The Winery Dogs
Product Code: 0210819EMU (1CD)
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 22nd Jan



a0506008684_10Tru Thoughts

Anchorsong – Ceremonial
Product Code: TRUCD317 (1CD)
Genre: Electronic/ House
Release Date: 22nd Jan




Steven Wilson – 4½
Product Code: KSCOPE347 (1CD)/ KSCOPE529 (1Blu-Ray)/ KSCOPE917 (1LP)
Genre: Space Rock/ Progressive Rock
Release Date: 22nd Jan




Tricky – Skilled Mechanics
Product Code: K7328CD (1CD)/ K7328LP (1LP)
Genre: Trip Hop
Release Date: 22nd Jan




AKASE – Grapsers
Product Code: K7321CD (1CD)/ K7321LP (1LP+1CD)
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 22nd Jan



half-japanese-perfect-new-albumJoyful Noise Recordings

Half Japanese – Perfect
Product Code: JNR183 (1CD)/ JNR183LP (1LP)
Genre: Art Punk
Release Date: 22nd Jan



jnr166_kishi-bashi_string-quartet-liveJoyful Noise Recordings

Kishi Bashi – String Quartet Live!
Product Code: JNR166 (1CD)/ JNR166LP (1LP)
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 22nd Jan



charliehilton-palanaCaptured Tracks

Charlie Hilton – Palana
Product Code: CT229 (1CD)/ CT229LP (1LP)
Genre: Folk Rock
Release Date: 22nd Jan




Howes – 3.5 Degrees
Product Code: MELO105CD (1CD)/ MELO105LP (1LP)
Genre: Electronic/ Ambient
Release Date: 22nd Jan



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