MusiK11 2016 October – C/ x eli

Date 日期: 29.10.2016 (Sat/六)
Time 時間: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Venue 地點: K11 Piazza (G/F)

Free drinks will be sponsored for you to relax your mind and enjoy the show!



Line up>>


 今年,Caramelplease 的三位成員重組成為C/,重新開始。創作以indie pop為主,並在演奏中加入更多電子programme元素。

In this year, the indie pop trio from Caramelplease start afresh with the new name – C/ .
Their music will be more focus on the interaction between live and programmed materials.
New songs will be released soon, please stay tuned.

Facebook: C/ hk
Youtube:   c/ Official YouTube Channel
Sound Cloud: C/


eli 由 2009 年組成至現在,喜愛滿有節奏張力的英倫曲風、另類搖滾及電子搖滾樂。eli (Ever-lasting illusion) 希望用音樂帶給人「永恆的幻象」去追尋夢想。
2013年與3隊香港出色的樂隊自資了一張合輯,《the surreal life》。2014年繼續帶著「the surreal life」的理念到中國及台北的《The wall》、台中的《浮現》及墾丁的《春天吶喊》巡迴演出。

「相信音樂」 的這個信念就是成為每段路程的新開始!

eli, founded in 2009, performs rhythmic music with tension varying from British, alternative to electronic rock. eli (Ever-lasting illusion) wishes to present you the infinite illusions with music.
eli, along with 3 great local indie bands, released a compilation in 2013, “the surreal life”.
eli continued to perform with ” the surreal life” concept and made their debut tour to mainland China, The wall (Taipei), Emerge (Taichung) and the Spring Scream Music Festival (Kenting) in 2014.

They believe in….only music.

Facebook: eli
Youtube: eli band hk


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