MusiK11 2016 November – Preston & Funk Band x Site Access

Date 日期: 19.11.2016 (Sat/六)
Time 時間: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue 地點: K11 Piazza (G/F)

Free drinks will be sponsored for you to relax your mind and enjoy the show!



Line up>>

《Preston & Funk Band》


Preston意外在九歲的時候發現他對音樂的才華和深厚的激情並開始學習古典鋼琴。雖然他學習古典鋼琴,但他學會了只用耳朵聽完自己最喜歡的流行音樂和搖滾歌曲也能創作發表演出來。他還自學了鼓、吉他和音樂理論。目前,Preston是一名音樂製作人、作曲家、鋼琴家、DJ和音樂教育家。除個人演出外,Preston亦和Chi Ho率領 5人funk樂隊Preston & Funk Band,並於不同類型的活動演出。

Preston Lau accidentally discovered his musical talent and deep passion for music at the age of nine. He began to take classical piano lessons and learned to play his favorite pop and rock songs entirely by ear and performed them naturally with heart and soul. Currently, Preston works as a music producer/composer, pianist, DJ and music educator. Apart from solo performances, Preston also performs with Chi Ho in a 5-piece funk band called Preston & Funk Band in different occasions.

Facebook: Preston Lau Music


《Site Access》
Site Access.jpg

經過十年休養生息後,本地獨立樂隊Site Access再次回歸樂壇,開始撰寫新歌,但依然保留其「Alternative Groove Funk」風格,亦會嘗試加入其他不同風格元素,包括搖滾、龐克、Emo、抒情等,令作品更多元化。樂隊目前的陣容包括主音的Brandon (又名 Ghost Style、廿四味的主音之一)、色士風手BB CHI、結他手阿偉、低音結他手阿嚴、及鼓手阿成。樂隊的目標和大部份其他的本地獨立樂隊一樣,就是希望把自己喜愛的音樂類型帶給本地音樂愛好者,在主流音樂以外提供多一個選擇。

After taking a long break, Site Access is back with new tunes! Their new tunes are still in the signature — Site Access’s Alternative Groove Funk style, with some additional tastes of rock, punk & emo to give it a fresh twist. Currently Site Access has Brandon on vocal (aka Ghost Style, vocal of 24 Herbs), Yim on bass guitar, Chi on Saxophone, Wai on guitar and Shing on drums. Site Access is currently recording their third album that will release later this year or early 2017.

Facebook: Site Access
Youtube Channel: SiteAccessMusic
Instagram: siteaccessmusic



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