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Preview!! May 2016

Richard Ashcroft - These People (Web) RPACD001

Cooking Vinyl

Richard Ashcroft – These People

被 Oasis 的 Noel Gallagher 私下稱為「搖滾隊長」的前 The Verve 主音 Richard Ashcroft ,黎緊五月將會發表第五張個人專輯《These People》,繼續帶來標誌性的 Britpop 作品《Hold On》!!



Play It Again Sam

Brooka – Clashes

來自波蘭的另類流行女王 Brooka ,來到第四張專輯 Clashes ,打算衝出波蘭進入歐洲的她,今次嘗試全碟以英文作詞。而首支單曲Horses 充滿 Synth Pop 及 歌德民謠 風格,營造出黑暗的氛圍,同時抒發社會上各種不公義。



Thomas Cohen – Bloom Forever

前迷幻樂隊 S.C.U.M. 主音單飛後發表首張個人專輯《Bloom Forever》,繼續以復古格調唱出民謠迷幻風格,就連所有MV、衣著跟色調都有回到七、八十年代的味道。受 Townes Van Zandt、Judee Sill、Van Morrison 跟 Jim Sullivan 等六、七十年代創作歌手影響,加上創作過程中經歷傷痛 - 妻子 Peaches Geldof 突然離世,促成歌曲《Honeymoon》及《Bloom Forever》的誕生。




LUH – Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing

前Heavy Pop 樂隊 WU LYF 主音兼團長 Ellery Roberts 以粗獷而狂野的嗓音給人留下深刻印象,可惜 WU LYF 推出首張專輯的翌年便解散。Ellery Roberts 之後直接跟他的女友 Ebony Hoorn 組成 LUH (Lost Under Heaven 的縮寫),以不同媒介創作,包括音樂、攝影、電影。




Digitalism – Mirage

組成超過十年的德國電音二人組合 Digitalism,繼五年前《 I Love You, Dude》,今年新專輯將為大家帶黎 radio-friendly 的電子流行歌。




On Dead Waves – On Dead Waves

由 Polly Scattergood 跟 James Chapman 組成。 佢地各自都有自己的電音風格,James 於 07 年以藝名 Maps 發表首張專輯《We Can Create》獲得 水星音樂大獎 的提名。同樣為 Mute Records 旗下歌手他們,係公司一場活動之中結緣,之後開始製作音樂。以Polly 陰沈而暗黑的聲線,配以 James 的 Shoegazing 迷幻氛圍,將現實的光怪陸離亳無保留的表現出來。


Blackened Cities cover HD without typo

[PIAS] Le Label

Melanie De Biasio – Blackened Cites

有比利時 Billie Holiday 之稱的 Melanie De Biasio,14年推出的《 No Deal》及翌年的 Remix 版本,深受樂迷愛戴及推崇,新專輯似乎將帶大家更深更陰暗的世界…



Cooking Vinyl

D.A.R.K. – Science Agrees

由前 The Smiths 貝斯手 Andy Rourke, The Cranberries 主音 Dolores O’Riordan 及 DJ Olé Koretsky 組成的 D.A.R.K.,以電子及 New Wave 風格作為創作主軸,其首支發佈單曲《 Curvy》已具有 New Order 的 Post-Punk 味道。


Preview!! February 2016






Emmy The Great – Second Love  (Bella Union)

繼首張專輯《First Love》之後,第三張專輯 《Second Love》 除了收錄上年 EP《S》的歌曲外,其專輯中錯綜複雜的感情線亦好比連結了《 First Love》與 《Second Love》之間的秘密故事,連綿的合成電子元素,正好托起了 Emma 愈趨敏感的心靈。

There is a distinct nod to her debut First Love, in terms of the storytelling that first impressed her lyrical and emotional dexterity upon so many. But on Second Love, Emma-Lee Moss delves into the chambers of a human heart ever-connected to the glare of a nearby screen.






Brian McKnight – Better  (Love Da/ Brian McKnight Music LLC)

獲格林美音樂大獎提名近十六次的RnB/ Soul 歌手 Brian McKnight,發表第十六張專輯 《Better》,幾乎每次出碟都被提名,鍾情RnB/ Soul的你切勿錯過!!

Sixteen-time Grammy nominated singer, songwriter and producer Brian McKnight is gearing up for the long-awaited release of his 16th album, Better. With 12 studio albums and 20 successful years in the music industry – collaborating with everyone from Christina Aguilera to Quincy Jones to Justin Timberlake, McKnight is not only getting better with age, but also with life, love and music – a journey echoed in the sounds and lyrics of his most heart-felt album to date.







The Cult – Hidden City  (Cooking Vinyl)

來到樂隊第十張專輯,第三十多個年頭。經歷屢次的成員變動,上年找來Grant Fitzpatrick 作新貝司手,Ian Astbury依然帶著招牌的嗓音,真實而殘酷的歌詞,以及Billy Duffy 經典結他音色,繼四年前的 《Choice of Weapon》,今年帶來 《Hidden City》跟一眾樂迷見面!!

The final installment in a trilogy of recordings, completing 2007’s Born Into This (“The Fall”) and 2012’s Choice of Weapon (“Dark Night of the Soul”), “Hidden City” is a tightly-woven series of experience and visions with underlying themes of redemption and rebirth threaded through The Cult’s visceral music.  Astbury’s signature baritone and blood-soaked lyrics paired with Duffy’s smouldering, textured guitar tones, create a musical environment that is fearless and peerless.







Lissie – My Wild West  (Cooking Vinyl)

首張專輯由傳奇廠牌Columbia Records發行,並獲得近乎所有音樂媒體的一致好評。第二張專輯發表後再接再厲。掌聲過後,漸漸遠離煩囂,回到出生地美國中西部地區繼續埋首寫歌,終於今年二月正式孕育出第三張專輯 – 《My Wild West》。

Growing up in possession of a strong rebellious streak surrounded by the memory of steamboats and railroads of past, acclaimed songwriter Lissie has returned home to the Midwest after spending several formative years in The Golden State.








Wild Nothing – Life of Pause  (Bella Union)

由 Jake Tatum 領軍的 Wild Nothing 發表第三張專輯 《Life of Pause》,相對於大部分前作所蘊含的Dream Pop,今次加入大量電子元素之餘,音樂上的編排會更加細膩。

Wild Nothing, a.k.a Brooklyn-based musician Jake Tatum, released his debut album Gemini in 2010 to critical acclaim. Five years on, with an equally impressive sophomore release and a series of EPs under his belt, Tatum is pleased to announce his third-studio album and self-proclaimed most “mature and honest” work to date, Life of Pause,

Life of Pause is an exquisitely arranged and beautifully recorded collection of songs that marry the immediate with the indefinable. “I allowed myself to go down every route I could imagine even if it ended up not working for me,” he says. “I owe it to myself to take as many risks as possible. Songs are songs you have to allow yourself to be open to everything.”

Field Music






Field Music – Common time  (Memphis Industries)

自琴鍵手 Andrew Moore 離團後,Peter Brewis 找來親生兄弟 David ,發表了第四張專輯 《Plumb》。之後大家音樂上合作得投契,就經常在錄音室埋首創作原聲帶及配樂,所以他們的音樂都帶有隨性的節奏及互相交織的主音旋律。

The space that Field Music vacated still appears to be empty. No one else really does what Field Music do: the interweaving vocals, the rhythmic gear changes, the slightly off-chords, the obvious lack of bombast, the songs which end abruptly or merge into others. And while these idiosyncrasies remain, Commontime shows off the brothers’ unashamed love of choruses and classic pop and rock in a way they’ve only hinted at before.







Submotion Orchestra – Colour Theory  (Counter Records)

2014年第3張專輯《Alium》大受好評,今年再下一城推出《Colour Theory》。深受騷靈、爵士等音樂影響的Submotion Orchestra,不得不佩服現場演出的威力。今次將投放更多心機於錄音室製作,專注細節,除去了復古氣味,加入跳躍的電子元素,刻劃出當代的魅力。

After the success of 2014’s Alium, Submotion Orchestra raise the bar yet again with their new album, Colour Theory. Renowned for their stunning live performances, for “smoky jazz, skittering live percussion and swooping synths” (Mojo), the band have this time taken a conscious decision to focus their energy and attention on to their production, shaping a record of immense poise and epic scope, where attention to detail and shape has resulted in a new dynamism and contemporary sheen.







Letherette – Refresh  (Ninja Tune)

在變化不斷的英國地下電子音樂世界裡,Letherette 二人電子組合在2013推出的同名大碟,鞏固了其地位。Refresh EP中似是將你帶入舞池之餘,又不失其代表性的和暖深情風格。

February 5th 2016 will see UK-based production duo Letherette release their first new music since 2013’s self-titled debut album on Ninja Tune – a record that cemented their place at the forefront of the UK’s perpetually shifting electronic underground. Returning from an extended studio interlude, the Refresh EP wastes no time getting down to business, collating four powerhouse trax aimed squarely at the dancefloor and blessed with the signature warmth, soulful character and loping swing that lies at the heart of Letherette’s appeal.







Balsamo Deighton – Unfolding (Ear Music)

二人組合 Balsamo Deighton 由 Steve Balsamo 跟 Rosalie Deighton組成 ,同樣會唱歌,寫歌及彈奏不同樂器,究竟他們的首張專輯會有甚麼火花呢?

Singer/Songwriter duo BALSAMO DEIGHTON release their debut album ‘Unfolding’. Steve Balsamo and Rosalie Deighton – both respected vocalists, musicians and songwriters in their own right – have joined forces to record a collection of ‘grown up songs on the human condition’.







Nonkeen – The Gamble  (R&S Records)

當代德國作曲家及鋼琴家 Nils Frahm 完成了跟 Ólafur Arnalds 的合作後,找來兒時的玩伴 Frederic Gmeiner 及 Sepp Singwald,組成 nonkeen 並進行一系列實驗性的創作,並發表首張專輯《The Gamble》,將兒時用四音軌錄音機加上麥克風製成的Demo,翻出來再加以錄製。內裡載有三人行童年的畫面,亦有各人當年因意外而分開了八年後再聚的成長記錄。

nonkeen’s debut album was compiled from tapes engineered by Nils Frahm – when he remembered to hit ‘Record’, and when the RCA cables weren’t broken again – over the course of a decade of performances, in a number of modest rehearsal spaces, by him and his childhood friends, Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald. Gmeiner and Frahm attended the same primary school in a rural suburb of Hamburg, and their mutual interest in sound recording brought them together to form the basis of a long-lasting friendship. In their second year of school, they began producing their own radio show, which featured incidental sounds from the school ground, the voices of their teachers, and recordings of themselves practising their instruments, all recorded on rudimentary tape machines for kids.







Illum Sphere – Second Sight  (Ninja Tune)

Illum Sphere 2016年第一張黑膠Single《Second Sight》,連同另一首單曲《Ritualm》 一同發行。Side-B 是帶有危機四伏氣息的《 Second Sight》,另一面Side-A 則是相對較為靜態及簡約的《Ritualm》,為今年陸續推出的歌曲揭開序幕。

British DJ/producer and co-founder of the Manchester institution Hoya:Hoya (club night / label), Illum Sphere will release new material on 19th February 2016 via Ninja Tune. His first output since mid 2014’s Spectre Vex 2×12″ – the 2 tracks ‘Second Sight’ and ‘Ritual’ are reflective of a shift to a more machine-sounding approach. Lead track ‘Second Sight’ is a stark, paranoid banger lurking in menacing “cold wave” territory, whilst on the flip ‘Ritual’ layers minimal, mechanical percussion with gently arpeggiating synth lines. Two expertly crafted cuts from a producer at the top of his game, with more new music on the horizon.








Thundercat – The Beyond/ Where The Giant Roam  (Brainfeeder)

繼2013年的專輯 《Apocalypse》 後,上年便推出了隻迷你專輯《The Beyond/ Wher The Giant Roam》。假如有留意他上張專輯有 Flying Lotus 的身影閃過的話,今次是與Flying Lotus共同製作的專輯。除了他們老友鬼鬼,擅長跳出Jazz Funk的框框外,更請到 Brainfeeder 廠牌大家庭成員 Kamasi Washington (Sax)、Miguel Atwood-Ferguson (Strings) 跟 Mono/Poly (Producdtion) 作Featuring。

Mini-album The Beyond / Where the Giants Roam picks up where 2013’s Apocalypse left off, with Thundercat joined on production duties by longtime sparring partner Flying Lotus for six spiralling excursions to the outer limits of jazz-funk. The legendary Herbie Hancock pops up on keyboards on ‘Lone Wolf & Cub’ and there are contributions from fellow Brainfeeder family members Kamasi Washington, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Mono/Poly on sax, strings and production respectively.







Meilyr Jones – 2013  (Moshi Moshi)

開心熱烈程度跟小鳳姐有得fight! Moshi Moshi 廠牌年度推薦專輯!

Moshi Moshi records are thrilled to announce the release of 2013, the debut album of MEILYR JONES, which will be available 26th February. The songs that emerged from that time proved quite different to anything he had written before; 13 songs in which joy and rapture are tempered by wit and keen-eyed humour, by jubilant pop melody and rock and roll muscularity.







DMA’S – Hills End  (Infectious)

上年經過大獲好評的首張專輯及一輪世界巡迴演出後,2016繼續強勢推出第二張專輯《Hills End 》。睇睇樂隊二月份密麻麻的Tour Date 就知道他們受歡迎程度!

Having first come from Australia (via a triumphant appearance at CMJ in New York) to perform at the Great Escape in Brighton, they have since played festivals all around the world including Benicassim, Reading and Leeds, Latitude, Lollapalooza, Haldern Pop and Lowlands to name a few. With sold-out shows all over Europe, the US and Japan they recently completed a headline UK tour which culminated in a sweaty, singalong show at London Dingwall’s.

The album was mainly originally recorded by the band in guitarist Johnny Took’s bedroom in Sydney and then after the attention awarded to the band ended up being mixed by the award winning producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent.  The twelve track album showcases the band’s unique talent in writing new and original tunes which still manage to sound like immediate classic guitar pop songs.  The album is looking to be one of the most exciting releases of early 2016 and can only further the momentum the band have managed to create and maintain so far.