Swans 最終巡迴

日期:2016.12.10 (六)
地點:Legacy 傳 音樂展演空間(台北市中正區八德路一段1號)
時間: 入場 19:30 / 開始 20:00
演出長度:120 分鐘
票價:預售票 NTD$1900,現場票 NTD$2200

紐約闇黑霸主 Swans 最終巡迴,再見,台北,再見。

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MusiK11 2016 November – Preston & Funk Band x Site Access

Date 日期: 19.11.2016 (Sat/六)
Time 時間: 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Venue 地點: K11 Piazza (G/F)

Free drinks will be sponsored for you to relax your mind and enjoy the show!



Line up>>

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MusiK11 2016 October – C/ x eli

Date 日期: 29.10.2016 (Sat/六)
Time 時間: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Venue 地點: K11 Piazza (G/F)

Free drinks will be sponsored for you to relax your mind and enjoy the show!



Line up>>


 今年,Caramelplease 的三位成員重組成為C/,重新開始。創作以indie pop為主,並在演奏中加入更多電子programme元素。

In this year, the indie pop trio from Caramelplease start afresh with the new name – C/ .
Their music will be more focus on the interaction between live and programmed materials.
New songs will be released soon, please stay tuned.

Facebook: C/ hk
Youtube:   c/ Official YouTube Channel
Sound Cloud: C/


eli 由 2009 年組成至現在,喜愛滿有節奏張力的英倫曲風、另類搖滾及電子搖滾樂。eli (Ever-lasting illusion) 希望用音樂帶給人「永恆的幻象」去追尋夢想。
2013年與3隊香港出色的樂隊自資了一張合輯,《the surreal life》。2014年繼續帶著「the surreal life」的理念到中國及台北的《The wall》、台中的《浮現》及墾丁的《春天吶喊》巡迴演出。

「相信音樂」 的這個信念就是成為每段路程的新開始!

eli, founded in 2009, performs rhythmic music with tension varying from British, alternative to electronic rock. eli (Ever-lasting illusion) wishes to present you the infinite illusions with music.
eli, along with 3 great local indie bands, released a compilation in 2013, “the surreal life”.
eli continued to perform with ” the surreal life” concept and made their debut tour to mainland China, The wall (Taipei), Emerge (Taichung) and the Spring Scream Music Festival (Kenting) in 2014.

They believe in….only music.

Facebook: eli
Youtube: eli band hk
Instagram: eli.band.hk

Love Da x Bella Union Presents: John Grant Live in Hong Kong

美國「治癒系」唱作人      約翰·格蘭特(John Grant)首度來港演出

  • 約翰•格蘭特(John Grant)被譽為「21世紀最美麗的嗓音」。
  • 全英音樂獎(BRIT Awards) 「最佳國際男歌手」提名。
  • 得到Elton John垂青、音樂才女Sinead O’Connor為忠實歌迷。
  • 文青聖殿Rough Trade Records挑選年度最佳專輯首位。
  • Cocteau Twins成員創辦著名獨立音樂品牌Bella Union旗下最暢銷藝人
  • 首度來港演出, 亞洲區巡演只有兩場,香港第一站。


利用一把天生沉厚憂鬱的嗓音,訴說一個又一個滄桑的人生故事,一直以來,前Sadcore/Dream Pop樂隊The Czars主音、Bella Union廠牌旗下美國唱作男歌手約翰·格蘭特(John Grant) 以歌聲治癒世界各地獨立樂迷心靈。為配合全新專輯《Grey Tickles, Black Pressure》的宣傳工作,約翰·格蘭特將於今年3月6日首度來港,於《Love Da x Bella Union Presents: John Grant Live in Hong Kong》巡迴演唱會中進行演出。


自從2004年The Czars解散之後,以唱作人身份重新上路的約翰·格蘭特事業並非一帆風順,受到濫藥、酗酒問題困擾,鬱鬱不得志的他要在六年後憑著一張出色的個人首張專輯《The Queen Of Denmark》才不致令他的音樂才華受到埋沒。2013年專輯《Pale Green Ghosts》更令他得到全英音樂獎(BRIT Awards) 「最佳國際男歌手」提名肯定,與Bruno Mars、Drake 、Eminem、Justin Timberlake等知名音樂人角逐殊榮。全新專輯《Grey Tickles, Black Pressure》不單登上英國大碟榜Top 10,也入圍權威音樂媒體《The Guardian》和《Rough Trade》的年度最佳專輯。除了發表個人作品之外,近年他也跟不同音樂人如Sinead O’Connor、Rumer、Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl)、Midlake、Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls) 、Hercules and Love Affair合作,多才多藝的他甚至幫助曾來港演出的冰島新貴唱作人Ásgeir作品翻譯成英文歌詞。


在過去數月約翰·格蘭特早已在愛爾蘭及英國多個城市進行巡演,而在亞洲區就只有上海站和香港站兩場演出,大家切勿錯過觀看這個擁有被譽為「21世紀最美麗的嗓音」的唱作歌手現場親身演繹其經典名作的機會!有關節目的即時更新和相關資訊,請登入 https://www.facebook.com/lovedarecordshk 和 http://www.instagram.com/lovedarecords 關注Love Da Records。



《Love Da x Bella Union Presents: John Grant Live in Hong Kong》

地點: 九龍灣國際展貿中心Music Zone @ E-Max

日期: 2016年3月6日

時間: 下午8點

演出名單: 約翰·格蘭特(John Grant)與樂隊 (美國)

門票: HKD460 (預售)、HKD560 (現場)




John Grant – Live in Hong Kong for the first time in history

  • John Grant is crowned the most angelic voice of 21st century
  • Nominated for “Best International Male Solo Artist” in the Brit Awards 2013 & 2014
  • He is acknowledged by high-profile and legendary musicians and artists such as Elton John, Sinead O’Connor.
  • Selected as album of the year by the holy grail of record stores which none other than Rough Trade Records.
  • He is founding member of Cocteau Twins as well as the bestselling artist of renowned indie record company Bella Union
  • It is John’s very first Asia tour with only 2 limited stops, one of them being Hong Kong


Born with the gift of an alluring voice, John Grant depicts his life-experiences and vision in his music, staring as the ex-main vocalist of Sadcore/Dream Pop band “The Czars”, he has come a long way till now being one of the bestselling artist of acclaimed independent label “Bella Union”, spreading his invigorating and curative vocals to all his fans around the world. In-conjunction with the promotion of his newly released hit album “Grey Tickles, Black Pressure”, John Grant has set out on a tour in Hong Kong presented by Love Da Records and Bella Union on the 6th of March for the very first time in history!


Since the break-up of alternative rock band “The Czars” back in 2004, John has pursued a solo career which wasn’t exactly a smooth sails, persevering through battles with drug and alcohol abuse and struggles with personal issues, John had overcame it all releasing his very first solo album “The Queen of Denmark” which was a pinnacle of his vocal and musical prowess.

His second solo album “Pale Green Ghosts” also bolstered him to be nominated as “The Best International Male Solo Artist” in the “Brit Awards” alongside Bruno Mars, Drake, Eminem and Justin Timberlake.

John’s latest album “Grey Tickles, Black Pressure” has been charted top 10 in the British album chart, as well as being recognized in news and other media such as “The Guardian” and “Rough Trade” as the best album of the year.

Asides from being a solo artist, John has also collaborated with many well-known artists in different genres such as Sinead O’Connor, Rumer, Tracey Thorn (Everything But The Girl), Amanda Palmer (The Dresden Dolls), Hercules and Love Affair, he has also recently collaborated with Iceland Musician Asgier to cover one of his songs in English.


For the past couple of months, John has already completed tours for many cities in the UK and his next stop is Shanghai and Hong Kong being the only 2 shows in Asia. This is a one and only opportunity to experience one of the most angelic male voices of the 21st century, don’t miss it!


For more information, news, ticketing and inquiries, please visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/lovedarecordshk or follow our Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/lovedarecords.


Facebook event page:



“Love Da x Bella Union Presents: John Grant Live In Hong Kong”

Date: Sunday 6th of March 2016

Time: 8:30 PM

Location: Music Zone E-Max

Ticket prices: $480 for pre-sales tickets / $580 at the door


Emmy The Great Live in Hong Kong

Emmy The Great Live in Hong Kong


The Witty Poet, the Mellow Songstress… and you know you are waiting for her!


日期 Date:2015.06.20

時間 Time:20:00-23:00

地點 Venue: Love Da Café

( 九龍新蒲崗景福街114號捷景工業大廈14字A室 Unit A, 14/F, Chiap King Industrial Building, 714 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kowloon )

單位 Performing Unit:Emmy The Great (英國 UK) & Serrini (香港 HK)

票價 Ticket:At Door 現場 $180

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1404438476548371/

「若沒有事,我便不見人,外面世事,我全不過問」 王菲於 «一人分飾兩角» 唱道。生於香港的英國民謠女歌手Emmy The Great,曾經在香港表演時翻唱這首由本地著名獨立樂隊AMK作曲的經典廣東歌,引起眾多樂迷關注。在她第二張專輯«Virtue»更特別收錄一首增添了幾分電子色澤的英文版 «一人分飾兩角» 。今年,Emmy The Great再次帶著全新的出色作品回港,香港樂迷有福了!

A bonus track included in her second album《Virtue》,《One person Playing Two Roles》, was composed by AMK and originally sung by Faye Wong from Hong Kong. The established connections of Emmy the Great with Hong Kong are heart-warming to local music lovers. After all, she has a rare idiosyncratic charm that strikes a chord. As Emmy The Great returns to Hong Kong with new great songs, luck is with us this summer!

試聽 Listen “Emmy The Great – One Person Playing Two Roles”: http://www.kkbox.com/hk/tc/song/mFb3z8C06E5D3OMuzOMuz0P4-index.html

Emmy The Great原名Emma-Lee Moss,父親是英國人,母親是香港人。她就讀非國際本地小學,十二歲時移民英國就一直在倫敦生活。自少熱愛音樂的她,為了購買鐘愛的樂隊唱片,經常坐火車到遠處的唱片店流連。對她有莫大影響之樂隊包括Weezer、The Smashing Pumpkins 和 The Lemonheads 等等英美良音。 Emmy The Great在一次日本富士山音樂節與音樂人 Joe Strummer相遇,頃刻被啓發創作民謠音樂。於2006年發表第一首單曲《Secret Circus》後,Emmy The Great分別於2009年及2011年推出專輯《First Love》和《Virtue》。她發行的兩張專輯均得到Sunday Times Culture ﹑The Manchester Evening News和Uncut 等刊物的高分評價。《First Love》更被 New York Times 選為年度專輯。 音樂以民謠為本自成一派,編曲簡單大方,清揚的吉他和弦配上連串的琴音,頓時讓你豁然開朗。Moss清純的聲音悠揚婉轉,顯得格外甜美,令人眼前一亮。作品詞句多以Emma內心的愁善感與生活點滴為題,富有少女詩意。Emmy The Great早被鐵定實力非凡。

Emma-Lee Moss, known by her stage name Emmy the Great, is a London-based singer-songwriter born in Hong Kong. Born to an English father and a Chinese mother, gifted Emmy The Great grew up in Hong Kong and studied in a local primary school. She speaks fluent Cantonese. Relocating to UK when she was twelve, she settled down in London. Moss has genuine passion for music since she was young. To buy CDs of her favourite bands, she often took the train and travelled a long way to CD stores. The bands that have profound influence on Moss are great sounds including Weezer, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Lemonheads. Emmy The Great once came across musician Joe Strummer at Fuji Rock Festival, and was deeply enlightened to make folk music. After releasing her first single 《Secret Circus》in 2006, Emmy The Great launched two albums 《First Love》and《Virtue》in 2009 and 2011 respectively. Debut album《First Love》was selected as album of the week in the Sunday Times Culture and ranked as one of the New York Times’ Albums of the Year for 2009. 《Virtue》was also highly recommended by The Manchester Evening News and Uncut. Her music that grows on the soil of folk is a school unto herself; simple and generous composition aside, clear guitar chords and strings of keys complement each other perfectly. As her exquisite singing fits into the harmony, Emmy The Great naturally puts a smile on your face. Her poetic lyrics are mostly related to her feelings and her own daily life. Emmy The Great has been recognized for her outstanding talents long ago.

才女離家遊走世界各地,寫下了3 年後全新角度的多首作品。鹽湖城﹑東京﹑香港﹑洛杉磯,紐約和倫敦,各地發人心省的生活面貌令Emmy The Great靈如泉湧。Emmy The Great首兩張專輯唱說內心世界的感性浪漫; 而在EP《S》內,她為自己的作品加上了對花花世界獨到觀察的深度。 質素之高既取得不少好評,電台播放率更是不俗。 Emmy The Great曾與著名獨立民謠樂隊Lightspeed Champion及Noah and the Whale合作。她的新主打《Swimming Pool》則與英國新一代樂團 Wild Beasts 主將 Tom Flemming 合作, 以懷舊迷離的引子帶入一段甜美的低吟淺唱。《Social Halo》﹑《Solar Panels》和《Somerset(I Can’t Get Over)》,Emma加上了點亮心房的電音及暖意滿載的和聲,而她的唱腔添上了比往日更為濃厚的成熟感。除了《Swimming Pool》,Emma其他的新作品皆讓樂迷歡愉雀躍,更得到一眾樂評的極力推薦。

Three years later, a journey to Salt Lake City, Tokyo, Hong Kong, LA, New York and London has inspired the witty lyricist to make a breakthrough. Emmy The Great created her 2015 pieces in whole new perspectives. While she sang her internal world with introspection and romance in the previous two albums, she added depth to her enthralling new pieces as she observed the philosophy of the outside world. Her quality music has received positive comments, in addition to frequent radio broadcasting. Emmy The Great has performed with indie folk groups Lightspeed Champion and Noah and the Whale. For her EP 《S》, Wild Beasts’ Tom Fleming joins Emmy The Great for lead single ‘Swimming Pool’— a nostalgic and mesmerizing introduction bringing in sweet low murmuring, rippling keys and dream laden bass. In《Social Halo》﹑《Solar Panels》and《Somerset(I Can’t Get Over)》,Emma has embellished the melodies with delightful electronic notes and warm backing vocals. Note that her singing has a pleasing mature quality. Besides 《Swimming Pool》, Emma’s other works have also thrilled her fans , and have been highly recommended by music reviews.

2015年6月20日,Love Da Records誠意獻上Emmy The Great香港演唱會,一場洗滌心靈的陶醉之旅!

June 20, Love Da Records proudly presents Emmy The Great Live in Hong Kong, an intoxicating journey that cleanses your soul!

Website: http://www.emmythegreat.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmythegreatofficial Serrini 暖場嘉賓 Supporting Artist: Serrini

就讀香港大學比較文學碩士的Serrini, 由大學二年級起就開始創作。受盧廣仲的啓發,Serrini寫了一首又一首生活小品,是香港獨立音樂界成為一朵冒起的小花。在朋友的愛戴和幫助下,Serrini推出了第一隻自製大碟《請小心車門》。留學東京一年後回港發行第二隻專輯《Why Prey’st Thou Upon the Poet’s Heart》,收錄搞笑窩心作品如《蘇菲亞的波霸珍珠奶茶》、另類哀傷作品《粟米六粒飯》、淡淡憂愁的《生日快樂嗎?》。2014年頭,Serrini發行全新大碟《Too Earthly Ye Are For My Sport》,盡現粵語寫作功力,作品有感人的《我在流浮山滴眼水》,也有又讓人奸笑的《同一種米養百樣人為甚麼養出你這個賤人》等。先後發行三張唱片、在大小演出場地、音樂節演出的Serrini是香港獨立音樂界最多產和特別的單位之一。Serrini理想滿滿,希望成為優秀的偶像派英語教師外,也希望成為學生的精神領袖;有一天希望建一間美好的安老中心。

Woman of many talents, local singer-songwriter Serrini is a master’s student as well as a fully-fledged musician, releasing successful albums and performing overseas. Her acoustic songs and soft voice are alarmingly beautiful.

Website: http://www.serrinirocks.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Serrini.rocks

Le French May - Brigitte Live in Hong Kong




Date: 23th May 2015
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Venue: HKAPA The Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre
Tickets: $380/$280/$180/$100 (50% off for AFHK cardholders)

Tickets available at HK TICKETING

猶如回到「花樣年華」的歲月,法國女子二人組合 Brigitte 的音樂糅合了酒廊流行音樂、復古民謠、法國歌廳音樂, 充滿了六十年的代復古風, 令人神迷。她們首次在香港舉行演唱會,絕對不容錯過!

A throwback to the flower power era, the 60’s sounds of Brigitte whose music combines lounge-pop, retro folk and French cabaret are just mesmerising. Their first time concert in Hong Kong is not to be missed under any circumstances!

這二人組合由Aurelie Saada 及Sylvie Hoarau於2008 年成立, 為了向六十年代幾位名人如Brigitte Bardot 致敬,因而採用了她們的名字作為組合的名稱。她們為電影《末路狂花》重新翻錄了歌曲《海邊的假期》,隨後簽約法國著名音樂品牌Wagram Music 並發行了第一張單曲專輯《戰鬥吧》,這首歌曲改編自法國嘻哈組合SuprêmeNTM 九十年代的代表作《Ma Benz》。這首翻唱隨後成為法國熱門歌曲。同年她們為專輯造勢在法國巡演超過二十場。很快Brigitte 越來越受歡迎。她們的歌曲廣泛在
電視電台及互聯網上播出,而她們亦成為《ELLE》、《VOGUE》、《LES INROCKS》等雜誌的封面人物。2015 年獲提名法國音樂大獎, Brigitte 現已成為了一種潮流!

About Brigitte

Named in honor of several of the 60’s icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Aurelie Saada and Sylvie Hoarau formed the duo in 2008. After recording a cover version of Les Vacances au Bord de la Mer for the film “Thelma, Louise et Chantal”, the pair signed with Wagram Records and released their first EP, Battez-Vous, which featured a unique take on Suprême NTM’s 90’s hip-hop anthem Ma Benz. The latter became a hit in France. In the same year, the duo toured for more than twenty concerts in France. Very soon Brigitte became a huge success. Their videos are everywhere on TV, internet and they make the cover page of magazines such as ELLE, VOGUE and LES INROCKS.
Nominated for the French music awards 2015, Brigitte is now a phenomenon!

!!! Live in Hong Kong [EARLY BIRD TICKETS]


更新(11 AUG):  重有個半星期, !!! 就會殺到香港!多謝各位支持,早烏票經已結束發售。各位現可前往各購票通網絡購買門票,亦可到點撃這裡網上購買。

我們很高興邀請到本地電子樂隊Gravity Alterstra 擔任暖場嘉賓!

Updates (11 AUG): It’s only one and a half week until the landing of !!!.  Thanks for your lovely support, the Early Bird Tickets sale was finished. You are most welcomed to visit any of the Cityline Outlets to purchase Advance tickets or click here for online booking.

We are glad to have invited the local electronic crew Gravity Alterstra to be our supporting act!

Bio: Gravity Alterstra由三個詞組成:萬有引力/ 變換/ 樂團。他們旨在編制令你忘記地心吸力般瘋狂跳舞的電子音樂。起源和結識於SYNC SING SIN,其後Alok(編程/監製,Slow Tech Riddim成員之一, The Yours/Fantastic Day監製)和Shelf-Index(編程/視覺效果,從事各大音樂會和派對的視覺設計)便組成GA。他們的多媒體表演快速深入人心,並獲各音樂人一致好評。除了原創作品外,GA也為不同音樂單位如FM3(北京)/ ni.ne.mo(香港)/和Go Chic(台灣)等作remix。他們首張專輯將在2015年年初發布。

Bio: The name “Gravity Alterstra” consist of three words, “Gravity”/ “Alternation”/”Orchestra”. They aim at producing electronic compositions that make you forget about gravity and dance like there’s no tomorrow. Formed by Alok (programming/ producing, best known for being a member of Slow Tech Riddim / producer of The Yours and Fantastic Day) and Shelf-Index (programming/visuals, who also does visual design for concerts and parties alike),originated from the party crew “SYNC SING SIN”, the multimedia project GA has fast gained recognition from party goers and producers alike. Apart from their own production, GA has also been remixing artists like FM3 (BJ)/ ni.ne.mo (HK)/ and Go Chic (TW). Their debut album will be released in early 2015.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gravityalterstra

Soundclud: https://soundcloud.com/gravityalterstra

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v51oHVCe0mg

RTHK interview: http://programme.rthk.hk/channel/radio/programme.php?name=radio3%2Fmorning_brew&d=2014-07-22&m=episode


注意!以大膽盞鬼風格征服全球樂迷的Dance-Punk樂隊 !!! 即將降臨香港!於 [只限7月23日 至 8月7日] 到指定購票點即可以特惠價$370購買 [早鳥票]!早鳥票購票點包括油麻地Kubrick BCRock GalleryWhite Noise RecordsLomography Gallery Store![早鳥票] 數量有限,售完即止。

第一步 - 登上[Love Da Records (official)] Facebook Page,並按下[Like]
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It’s going to be boiling with the incredible !!! live in HK. To heat things up, we are offering [Early Bird Tickets] for all of you! From [23 July to 7 August ONLY], visit these friendly record stores: Kubrick-BC, Rock Gallery or White Noise Records or Lomography Gallery Store and you can buy tickets for !!! live with special price of HKD$370!

Step1 - Click [Like] on [Love Da Records (Official)] Facebook Page
Step2 - Show the [Liked] to the staff at the Selling Point
Step3 - You can now get the [Early Bird] Ticket with $370!!!


Love Da Records (Official) Facebook Page:

[!!! Chk Chk Chk Live In Hong Kong 2014] Facebook Event Page:

早鳥票 Early Bird Ticket $370 (只限 7月23日 至 8月7日 / 23 July to 7 August ONLY)
預購票 Advance Ticket $420
即場票 Door Ticket $500

Kubrick BC
Shop H2, Prosperous Garden, 3 Public Square St., Yau Ma Tei
Tel: 2384-8929
Mon-Fri 14:00 – 22:00; Sat, Sun & Public Holiday 12:00 – 22:00

Rock Gallery
Tai Yau Plaza, Shop Number 202, Second Floor, 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai
Tel: 2893-7791
Mon-Sat 11:30–21:30; Sun: 12:30–21:30

White Noise Records
1/F, 720 Shanghai Street, Kowloon
Tel: 25910499
Mon – Sat 14:00 – 21:00; Sun 15:00 – 21:00

Lomography Gallery Store
G/F, No.2 Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: 2915 2205
Mon – Sun 11:00 – 19:00


支持本地獨立唱片店 / Suppoting Local Independent Records Store:

KUBRICK-LOGO_lowRock GAllery_logo    whitenoiselogo2010_ai10Logo_Lomography_4C

Kubrick獨家送出限量發行Bella Union Sampler

cashier stand A5.ppp


現凡於香港 Kubrick 唱片店購買任何 Love Da Records (Official) 出品唱片,即可獲贈獨家限量發行的 Bella Union Sampler 一張!

當中收錄13首Bella Union廠牌旗下樂隊的精選樂曲,包括 Midlake(MIDLAKE BAND)、Sumie、Lanterns On The Lake 及 Laura Veirs 等!珍藏首選,數量有張,送完就無!

Le French May – Paris Combo Live In Hong Kong 2014

Paris combo A2 poster日期:2014年5月30日
票價:$380 / $280 / $180 (法國文化協會會員可獲半價優惠)
FB Page:https://www.facebook.com/events/680055345390053

. 讓你隨著節奏搖擺,不拘一格的巴黎流行爵士樂

. 一呼一吸都充滿著法國氣息的漂亮女聲

Paris Combo早於90年代初組成。於巴黎塞納河沿岸的酒吧和駁船上的大量演出經驗,成為了他們音樂風格的骨幹。無論是女主唱Belle du Berry一呼一吸都充滿性感魅力的聲音、以結他手Potzi及鼓手François Jeannin為中心所創造的音樂,總是富有強烈巴黎氣息。著名專輯”Living Room”更錄得超過十萬的金唱片銷量,為其在全球音樂界打響了名堂。樂於嘗試的Paris Combo在音樂創作上運用大量元素如爵士、法國流行音樂、卡巴莱歌舞表演、吉卜賽、拉丁以及中東節奏等音樂,音樂風格廣受音樂評論和觀眾歡迎。讓樂迷在現代流行曲和歐洲傳統音樂之間翩翩起舞的,就是Paris Combo不拘一格的獨有魅力。

他們十年間發行了四張專輯和進行了多次世界巡迴演出,由悉尼到舊金山,再由柏林到貝魯特等,吸引了一群熱情的觀眾以及打造出屬於自己獨特的音樂世界,奠定了Paris Combo在國際樂壇上的地位,成為最別出心裁和備受關注的樂隊之一。 1999年,Paris Combo在歐洲和美國推出了《Living Room》。這張專輯在2000年底前銷量衝破10萬張而獲得金唱片的殊榮,之後他們在美國、歐洲、亞洲和澳洲等多個地區舉辦了120場演唱會。 2011年,在荷里活露天劇場獨家復出亮相後,Paris Combo開始在法國、歐洲和中東地區表演他們的新作品,還有那些膾炙人口的歌曲,如《Living Room》和《Señor》。今次到訪香港,Paris Combo將會為大家獻上他們最新專輯中的歌曲。 Paris Combo 三位樂隊成員du Berry,Potzi 和François Jeannin在90年代初第一次在巴黎貝爾維爾區歷史悠久的Berry Zèbre戲院中合作原聲表演。其後,他們與法國編舞家Philippe Decouflé在阿爾貝維爾舉辦的冬季奧運會閉幕禮上再度攜手演出。1994年,du Berry在Cabaret Sauvage滑稽劇 (現時是巴黎一個著名的表演場地) 開幕時遇見同場表演的澳洲音樂家David Lewis,不久後他便加入了他們的三人樂隊。最後,低音小提琴手Mano Razanajato的加盟就形成了今日的Paris Combo。

他們十年間發行了四張專輯和進行了多次世界巡迴演出。1999年,Paris Combo在歐洲和美國推出了《Living Room》。這張專輯在2000年底前銷量衝破10萬張而獲得金唱片的殊榮,之後他們在美國、歐洲、亞洲和澳洲等多個地區舉辦了120場演唱會。今次到訪香港,Paris Combo將會為大家獻上他們最新專輯《Paris Combo #5》中的歌曲。

Paris Combo小故事
Paris Combo之所以能在1995年成立,跟這位身兼女歌手及演員的Belle du Berry (原名Bénédicte Grimault)的魄力和對音樂的熱誠有莫大關係。這位富有才華的藝術家,1966年出生於法國Bourges,於法國樂壇早就有不可動搖的地位及經驗,而事實上Belle du Berry就是Bénédicte Grimault對自己各種跨媒介工作的一個化名。她的職業生涯由第一隊樂團PPI (Les Pervers Polymorphes Inorganisés)開始,1988-89年又與其他音樂家好友組成了Les Endimanchés,把傳統的法國手風琴音樂與30年代的民歌經典融合,很快就在法國樂壇收納了大量樂迷。雖然Les Endimanchés最終解散了,但Belle du Berry馬上又與幾位Les Endimanchés的成員開始了新樂團Les Champêtres de Joie,延續舊有的音樂脈絡。

1992年是Belle du Berry藝術創作的轉折點。這位多才多藝的藝術家開始與法國知名編舞家Philippe Decouflé合作,為當年於法國Albertville舉行的冬季奧運會開幕禮創作了一場壯觀的現代芭蕾舞。該項目完成之後,Belle du Berry馬上重返樂壇崗位,然而,這次合作拍擋卻是Potzi與François-François ─早年在Cabaret Sauvage樂團合作過的老朋友。

Paris Combo的誕生
Potzi的吉普賽風格總令人想起已故大師Django Reinhardt的爵士結他,而樂隊Cabaret Sauvage及 Les Champêtres de Joie的前鼓手François-François(原名Jean-François Jeannin)最後決定與Belle du Berry組成樂團Paris Combo。他們隨即招募了在法國頗有名氣的澳洲小號手David Lewis及來自馬達加斯加的低音提琴手Manohisa Razanajato加入。

這就是法國經典樂團Paris Combo的誕生過程!Paris Combo,顧名思義就如巴黎這大熔爐般匯集世界不同的音樂風格,並以三十年代爵士樂為基礎,創作出更多令人驚艷的音樂!

Paris Combo的五名成員都在自己的音樂事業上累積了多年的寶貴經驗,這大大地豐富了Paris Combo的現場演出。事實上Paris Combo最擅長亦是最受樂迷們歡迎的正是他們出色的現場演出功力。這隊讓人驚異的樂團,揉合了拉丁和爵士樂的節奏與中東,吉普賽等各種元素,以獨特方式演繹傳統法國Chanson音樂。(但是,請不要誤會,在歌詞的創作上,Paris Combo堅決植根於90年代!)Belle du Berry的魅力嗓音把這不拘一格的音樂混合在一起,成為Paris Combo一個重要的標記!

Paris Combo藉由一連串的現場演出建立了良好的聲譽後,走進錄音室開始他們首張專輯的錄音工作。1997年5月20日,這首廣受歡迎的首支單曲”Moi, mon âme et ma conscience”誕生了。同年八月Paris Combo被邀請到柏林的音樂節Popkomm表演,返回巴黎後他們一直在位於塞納河畔著名的Guinguette Pirate俱樂部演出。直到97年的秋天Paris Combo已經累積到不少人氣,於是他們展開了第一場大型的全國巡演,反應非常熱烈!

98年1月Paris Combo以”98年最佳音樂人”的身份被邀在MIDEM 上(在康城舉行的國際唱片業博覽會)演出。並於專為嶄露頭角的法國音樂組合而設的” Magic Mirrors”舞台上作了一系列表演。緊接著四月參與Printemps de Bourges Festival,之後Paris Combo更跳出法國,到美國參加當地的Lafayette Festival。完成了緊密的行程後,Paris Combo馬上回到家鄉為美國樂隊G-Love及Special Sauce在法國著名場地Le Bataclan的表演作特別嘉賓。幸運的是,Paris Combo無論到任何地方都大受歡迎,而這五人組仍有足夠體力應付聲名大噪之後的一連串如Francofolies Festival及La Rochelle等夏季音樂節的演出!同年10月Paris Combo的職業生涯獲得了重大的推動力,就是與美國廠牌Tinder Records簽訂分銷協議,這意味著Paris Combo是當時少數能被推廣到大西洋另一邊的法國樂團之一。他們被邀請到美國九個不同省份作巡迴表演後,更創出了於短短兩個月的時間內在美國售出15000張專輯的驕人成績!

於2000年底推出的Paris Combo經典之作”Living Room”專輯更錄得超過10萬張銷量,很快確立了國外最暢銷樂團的地位,並於澳洲,亞洲及美國各地受邀演出近120場。經過多年的巡迴演出經驗,Paris Combo五人終於返回錄音室裡面錄製他們的第五張專輯”Paris Combo #5”。今次到訪香港,Paris Combo將會為大家獻上他們最新專輯”Paris Combo #5”中的歌曲!

SOIREE SPK#1 相約新蒲崗#1

soiree facebooka

SOIREE SPK #1  相約新蒲崗#1
Date: 29th March, 2014 (Saturday)
Time: 8pm
Tickets: $100 Door Tickets (free drinks)
Address: Love Da Café (Unit A, 14/F, Chiap King Industrial Building, 714 Prince Edward Road East, San Po Kong, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1451404378425787/

Here comes the first of the series of Soirée SPK – the pocket-sized cultural night with music performances and art exhibitions from eclectic local talents. For the very first round, we have gladly invited the coming-of-age Folklore Jabin Law, Alchemist of Electronic music La’Bridge, brother HipHop Little Albert, the heart-beating Indie-rock band The Time Traveller and the newly regrouped and beloved Twisterella. Along with the musical treats, the well-acclaimed work of video artist Lexi Pan and the paintings of from Owl Illustration will be featured. End of March will be a good time to snuggle together in the humid season of the Spring, when fluid seeps through the walls and our skin.

相約新蒲崗系列是袖珍版文化之夜,由不同本地薑的音樂表演和藝術展覽組成。第一回合,我們很高興邀請到民歌新時代 Jabin Law,電子音樂術士La’Bridge,嘻哈音樂大佬Little Albert ,令人心臟跳動的獨立搖滾樂隊The Time Traveller 以及重組後人見人愛的Twisterella。音樂以外,Lexi Pan廣受好評備的錄像藝術和貓頭鷹工作室的Leo Tam的畫作同時展出。三月尾,潮濕的春分,當汗水都滲透了牆壁和我們的皮膚,是個好時候依偎一起聽歌看藝術。

Jabin Law: https://www.facebook.com/JabinLaw
la’Bridge: https://www.facebook.com/lbchina
Little Albert: https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=111507565560760
The Time Traveller: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Time-Traveller-HK/172631335035
Twisterella: https://www.facebook.com/twisterella.hk
Leo Tam: https://www.facebook.com/owl4040
Lexi Pan: <Look at Her> Video Installation

EOPS – in association with Love Da + RDFX present Dj Krush Asia Tour 2014

DJ Krush


Date: 8th March, 2014
Time: 2200 – 0400
Tickets: $200 at door

Hideaki Ishi, better known as DJ Krush, is a producer and DJ. He is known for his atmospheric instrumental production which incorporates sound elements from nature and extensive use of jazz and soul samples.

Ishi was born in in Tokyo. Ishi dropped out of school at an early age and joined a local gang, and a few years later, the yakuza. Early into his career as a yakuza underling, Ishi discovered a severed finger wrapped in paper on his desk. Later, after discovering that it had belonged to his best friend, he decided to leave the yakuza and cut ties with the criminal underworld.

In the early 1980s, Ishi went to the movies with his girlfriend and saw the film Wild Style, the first hip hop motion picture directed by Charlie Ahearn. He was inspired to become a hip hop musician, and made the firm decision to become a DJ. The day after seeing this movie, he headed to instrument shops looking for equipment. At this time the term “mixer” was unknown to most of Tokyo’s electronic store salesmen. After a hard time buying the things he needed, Ishi started his career as one of the first hip hop artists in Japan.

Aside from being considered one of the pioneers of Japanese hip hop, Ishi has established himself as one of the most respected artists and producers in the hip hop industry, both in Japan and abroad. Upon entering the industry, Ishi, with his experimental beats and instrumental sounds, changed the face of hip-hop at a time when it was dominated by the American rap scene. He is reluctant to identify his music with any particular genre, for it would place limits on his listeners and on his talents. He has been regarded as ambient, trip hop, some combination of the two, and hip hop. DJ Krush prefers to exercise an ideological distance from the genres he is usually grouped into, while maintaining a healthy appreciation for all music forms and styles. In 1996, DJ Krush contributed to the AIDS benefit album Offbeat: A Red Hot Soundtrip produced by the Red Hot Organization.



-TEKNOJIN- Shin Nishimura @ Love da cafe

shin nishimura
Date : 22 / Feb / 2014 ( Sat ) 22:00-
Venue : Love da Cafe ( Kowloon / Hong Kong )
Address : 14/F, Chiap King Industrial Buld, 714 Prince Edward Rd East, San Po Kong, Kowloon.
Entrance :HK$ 120 / HK$100 (if you RSVP on this page), BYOB

DJs : Shin Nishimura (Plus Records / Japan)
DJ Apsara (Plus Records / Jakarta)
Jeremy Cheung
Imai Fukutaro

Shin Nishimura is, without doubt, one of the current top Japanese DJs. He kick-started has started his career in
Shanghai, back in the days when there was absolutely no dance music scene to speak of. Shin ran his own parties
called PLUS, through these introducing various essential artists, and succeeded in building up the club scene
there. His first worldwide mix CD release, “Live in Shanghai”, on Technorient, was massive hit and established his
name on the international circuit. In 2001, after getting a high-profile gig at Germany’s biggest rave party,
MAYDAY, Shin brought his wares – including his DJ skills and the PLUS concept – back home to Tokyo. Hence the
legendary “PLUS TOKYO” parties were born. In 2002, Takkyu Ishino put together the biggest ever Japanese
techno indoor rave party, called WIRE02. Shin was one of the three major headline DJs, along with Ishino and Ken
Ishii. Shin also had a track on the classic “Ghost In The Shell Tribute” compilation, released in 2004, that featured
Derrick May, Mijk van Dijk and Joey Beltram, and three years later his “Gerpan” EP, released through the famed
German label Toktok, established itself as a classic killer signature tune. This year’s release of “Rock The House”,
through French label Mezzotinto, has been a huge success, with the track being spun by peers like Carl
Cox,Dubfire, Chris liebing, John Digweed Dave Clark and Ken Ishii. Shin’s upcoming monster track, “Frustration”,
was released through Dubfire’s label, SCI+TEC, in April 2009! Meanwhile, the prolific DJ/producer has also
developed his own label, PLUS Records, launched in 2004. Four years on, the imprint has over 10 powerful
releases, and the more recent sub-label, DEKA TRAXXX, has also already unleashed eight quality records.

-M- Live in Hong Kong!

poster image low res

Date:4th March, 2014
Address:Music Zone @ E-Max
Ticket:$600 (All standing)/Available at TicketFlap ; Alliance Française de HK; Parenthéses(French book store)


英國人和美國人發明了流行音樂,而法國人則一直致力創造更獨特的音樂風格。 Matthieu Chedid,也就是鼎鼎大名的 -M-。完美的音樂,卡通化的形象,-M- 狀的髮型,還有那件只有像Prince和Elton John那樣的巨星才會穿得起粉色套裝。上世紀90年代他一出現就在法國音樂界中引起轟動。

-M- 是當代浪漫主義的完美結晶 - 優美的編曲,破壞性的吉他聲效,真假難辨的造型,所有這些元素都被樂迷們由始至終追捧著。-M- 的現場演出曾讓上百個體育館座無虛席;曾贏得9個音樂獎項的 -M-,還參與過各種各樣的音樂合作計劃 - 如為電影《瘋狂約會美麗都》製作電影原聲,與歌手Vanessa Paradis及Sean Lennon共同創作。-M- 跟很多音樂人一樣在音樂裡談論「愛」,但之間的分別是, -M- 在法語中就是「愛」的同音字,而且總能在各種情歌和抒情歌曲中以他充滿節奏感的急促吉他Riff演繹出獨特的「小小的邪惡感」。

2009年,Matthieu決定脫下他的那些誇張的裝束,以更簡單的形象示人。同年推出的專輯《Mister Mystère》 - 他的第五張錄音室專輯。此專輯相對帶點陰鬱,與Matthieu一直快樂正面的形象產生反差。同時,這張新專輯的發佈巡演亦把他首次帶到中國,演出了3場令人難以忘懷的音樂會。2013年,-M- 推出新專輯《II》,並跟兩位樂手組成新的樂隊,創造出更簡單直接、更搖滾的音樂。 14年,他將再次登陸中國,不只是現場演出,而且還將與上海地下音樂女王ChaCha和她的樂隊AM444進行一次精彩的跨國合作。

趁著即將開始的2014年中國巡演,精選集《Mister-M-》將於香港和台灣同步發行。此專輯將收錄-M-近兩張專輯 -《Mister Mystère》和《II》中的經典曲目!

English and Americans might have invented Pop Music, but France owns some unique specimens of the genre. Matthieu Chedid, better known as –M-, is arguably one of them. Appeared in the 90’s with a cartoonesque look, an M shaped haircut, pink suits like only Prince or Elton John would wear, –M- has been glowing since then above the French pop rock scene.

-M- is the brilliant result of contemporary romanticism, beautiful song craft and devastating guitar sound. His half real, half disguised character has been captivating audiences for over a decade. He has filled up hundreds of concert halls, delivering grandiose performances in extravagant décors, won 9 music awards and signed various collaborations such as the OST of Les Triplettes de Belleville, or songs with Vanessa Paradis or even Sean Lennon. Like many singers –M- talks about love. But not like everyone else. First, “–M-” is an homophone of « Love » in French, second because –M- always manages to turn any love song or ballad into something devilishly sensual yet always applying the magic of his agile and rhythmic guitar riffs.

In 2009, Matthieu Chedid decided to drop the extravagant costumes and show himself with more simplicity with the release of Mister Mystère, his 5th album which unveils a tiny hint of darkness as a response to Chedid’s  always joyful looking character . The tour that followed the release of this album led him to China where he gave 3 unforgettable concerts in June 2010. In 2013 he releases “Il”, a new album with a new trio line up. Simpler, more straight forward, with more rock. This trio is on its way to China again in 2014 not only for a series of concerts but also to consummate a collaboration that Matthieu has first started virtually with Shanghai based underground songstress ChaCha and her duet project called AM 444.

Alongside his tour coming up in March 2014, an album called Mister –M- will be released specially for China Hong Kong and Taiwan featuring a selection of some of the best tunes from both “Mister Mystère” and “Il”.

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