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Róisín Murphy – Evil Eyes

有資深影迷留意到Róisín Murphy 最新MV中部分畫面構圖有60年代瑞典導演Ingmar Bergman作品《假面》的影子。

Have a fans of film discovered part of the MV inspired from 60’s film called Persona by Swedish director Ingmar Bergman.

Persona by Ingmar Bergman (1966)


Other critics of film have described it as “one of this century’s great works of art” at these time.


Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear

每次拍MV都會擔正的Joshua Tillman (Father John Misty),今次繼續夫妻檔拍攝。片中生活靡爛的救護員,拯救由Joshua跟妻子飾演在睡夢被媒氣意外陰陽分隔的情人。播出一日後就有網民求解MV中的各種關係,其他就網民剖析片中救護員的行徑正代表現實中Joshua自身跟妻子過去的生活,跟歌詞所描寫Joshua跟妻子的浪漫關係對照得絲絲入扣。

We can see Joshua Tillman (Father John Misty) and his wife Emma acted in each MV. One of the fans asked about the meaning in this newest MV that released after one day. Other fan explained the couple of paramedic with drunk in a mess represented relationship of Joshua and Emma. As the fan explained, which mirrored heavily in the lyrics.


Editors – Marching Orders


Live Music Session:

Public Service Broadcasting

Jaga Jazzist – Starfire


Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #6

Mew – Satellites


Just lie down and imagine you stay with a lone satellite when you are hearing this unplugged version of Satellites.


Kamasi Washington and Miles Mosley – MK1

為大家介紹Kamasi Washington專輯The Epic中擔由低音大提琴的Miles Mosley,他的音色、節奏絕對令大家耳目一新。跟Kamasi Washington一樣,秉持傳統跟創新。鏡頭一開首,跟結他手一樣多的音效器材便展現Miles Mosley富實驗性的音樂細胞(雖然他的身份也包含結他手)。

Miles Mosley is double bassist in Kamasi Washington’s album The Epic. He is a experimental musician same as Kamasi Washington with traditional spirit and passion on innovational stuff. The full gear as guitarist is a provenance as we can see at the beginning(He is a guitarist also).

搖滾界名曲Voodoo Child,原本開首的結他前奏Miles Mosley居然用上低音大提琴,仲有solo咁兇狠?!片中更有Kamasi Washington友情客串。

Miles Mosley played the alternative version with Double Bass in one of the classic rock piece Voodoo Child, he plays Double Bass like guitarist in intro riff and solo! It is incredible! Also Kamasi Washington played in the video.


Newest MV:

Eaves – Dove In Your Mouth

Drenge – Running Wild


Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #5

Girlpool – Before The World Was Big

Live 演出時會互相交換彈結他跟貝司的Girlpool, 在沒有鼓手的情況下, 簡單的伴奏, 令二人對唱跟和聲表現得更率性。

Girlpool always exchange their guitar and bass in live show, without drummer in most instances, simple accompaniment may be the other way to show their harmony.



ASH – Kablammo!

相隔8年, 北愛爾蘭樂隊Ash 新專輯繼續帶住爽快的油漬搖滾為今年夏天畫上最絢爛的色彩!!

Northern Irish band Ash is bringing their new album with cheerful and colorful grunge after eight years!!



PINS – Wild Nights

於今年曾為Sleater-Kinney 演出作暖場嘉賓的PINS, 新專輯Wild Nights以烈女形象展示人前。難怪SK會邀請她們,除了大家都係全女band外,其獨立敢言個性跟SK有幾份相似。

As a opening guests for Sleater-Kinney’s live, PINS’s new album Wild Nights is always being young and unruly. It is quite same as SK’s character, those of them are girl band also.



Summer Camp – Bad Love

一男一女組合Summer Camp,光聽到名字就令人想到那些年暑假種種歴奇新鮮事。立夏已過,你就讓那擴音機扭開,令Summer Camp充斥住整個夏天!!

You will recall all about crazy of young when you heard Summer Camp, Let’s Summer Camp in your playlist during in whole summer!!



Prinzhorn Dance School – Home Economics

帶有強烈Post-Punk色彩的Prinzhorn Dance School,新專輯Home Economics將於六月上旬推出。

Prinzhorn Dance School is a two pieces with strong Post-Punk, their new album would release on early of June.



Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #4

MG – Europa Hymn

Martin Gore的資歷無容置疑可以點石成金。改名為MG,這位Depeche Mode要員就是要擁抱電子音樂,做一張純音樂專輯。Europa Hymn簡單、迷人。同名專輯MG將於四月下旬發行。

Martin Gore’s prolific background tells us he can make gold with music. Renamed simply as MG, the founding member of Depeche Mode turns to instrumental embracing the pure pleasure of electronic music. Europa Hymn is a simple and mesmerizing track. Self-titled album MG releases in late April.

Lapalux – Puzzle (feat. Andreya Triana)

Lapalux能製作最悲傷最黑暗的音樂。但Puzzle是濛瀧的而性感的。伙拍英國新星Andreya Triana(曾跟Flying Lotus等合作,她自己亦快將推出下一張個人專輯),Puzzle是Lapulux新專輯的最新單曲Lustmore。

Lapulux can make the saddest and darkest music. But Puzzle is smoky, and love makingly moody. Featuring a rising British stars Andreya Triana (who collaborated with Flying Lotus and who are going to release her next album soon), Puzzle is the new single off Lapalux’s new album Lustmore.

Kopecky – Quarterback

來先美國Nashville的樂隊Kopecky的歌曲讓人一聽就愛。前身叫Kopecky Family Band,他們的首作大收歡迎,連紐約時報都話:「如果你喜歡Fleetwood Mac,那就要試聽Kopecky Family Band……機智得來又不落俗套」

The Nashville band have the power to make songs everybody adore. Formerly known as the Kopecky Family Band, their deput was so successful that the New York Times once said, “If you like Fleetwood Mac, try Kopecky Family Band…intelligent and a bit edgy, but still mainstream.”



Stornoway is not just another pop band. The vocal of the band is an ornithologist – a nerd for birds. The love for birds is shown in their new album which features the birdsong of more than 20 different species. In this new video Get Low, 5 real geese are here to support the video.

Delerium – Aurora

溫哥華電子樂隊Delerium將集結超過15年的材料推出B-side合輯。B-sides and Rarities將於四月下旬推出。

The Vancouver electronic group is releasing a B-side compilation with materials over 15 years.  with Aurora, B-sides and Rarities is releasing in late April.


Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #3

albumpackshot small

Eaves – Pylons

樂隊名字有詩意,歌聲和音樂亦優美。「Eaves 」就是屋子的簷篷。聽他們的新歌Pylons就正有種下雨天站在屋簷下,間時幾滴雨點落在你身上但又無所謂的感覺。

A poetic name, beautiful voice and music.  Eaves is the little edge extending from the roof of houses. Listening to Pylons gives you exactly the chilling sensation of standing under the eaves for a brief shelter at rainy days, where occasionally a few raindrops fall on you but you feel fine.

Fink – Hard Believer (kstr10179) of Horizontalism

去年Fink 製作了一張非常出色的專輯《Hard Believer》。它為folk音樂開闢了一條新路向。但馬上Fink和他的團隊已經又走上新方向:為《Hard Believer》再混音成一隻充滿電音氛圍的專輯。

Last year Fink made a subliminal album – Hard Believer. It was brilliant because it has opened up with folk/acoustic music. So soon Fink and his team has gone on a different path remixing the tracks in Hard Believer into somewhat electronic soundscape.

Portico – Atacama (feat. Joe Newman of Alt-J)

很可惜Portico Quartet因成員離開而要告別了。往好處看,有危就有機吧。改名為Portico後,音樂從jazz味變成更多的電子音樂元素,氣氛亦更黑暗。 “Atacama”邀請到的Alt-J主唱Joe Newman合作。

It’s a pity to learn that the amazing bands Portico Quartet ceased because of left of members. Look at the bright side, perhaps it could open up something new. Now called Portico, the 3-piece group turns to a darker mood, with more electronics music elements. “Atacama” features the vocalist of Alt-J, Joe Newman.

Other Lives – Reconfiguration

講開Alt-J,如果你覺得This Is All Yours好正,那你一定不會對Other Lives新MV感到失望!劍擊,舞蹈和肢體動作融為一體之作!

Talking about Alt-J, those who are crazy with This Is All Yours will not be disappointed with this new video by Other Lives. A play of fencing, dancing and body movement.

Anabel (lee) – Believe

下個月就是Record Store Day了,Ninja Tune 的Anabel (lee) 特別製作了一首鬼魅又優美的歌。當中sample 了各種聲帶如Nick Drake到Jazz都有。「Believe」是以保護在倫敦极极可危的獨立唱片店的計劃一部分。詳盡故事點擊這裏

Record Store Day is coming soon next month. Anabel (lee) from Ninja Tune is releasing a new beautiful and haunting track, sampling with all sorts of material from Nick Drake to Jazz. It was a part of the meaningful campaign to save closing independent record stores in London. Story click here.

Born of a Jazz Legend – Kamasi Washington


To some people, Jazz is the Rock music they headbang to, the EDM they dance to on Friday nights, the psychedelic music they indulged in – Jazz is everything. It is exceptionally rare for Love Da – for Ninja Tune and Brainfeeder too – to release a proper jazz album but it will all make the perfect sense. And we are proud to present The Epic.

對一些人來說爵士是他們的搖滾樂,是星期五晚玩通宵的EDM,是迷幻音樂 – 爵士就是一切。Brainfeeder/Ninja Tune罕有地推出爵士樂唱片。Love Da自豪推介 – 《The Epic》

By “Proper Album”, please don’t be misled with “boring” or “generic”. This is not the music of thousands others as which merely fulfilling as background music at cafes and Soho bars. Instead of ripping off from the giants, I see the legitimate heir to the Jazz kings like John Coltrane, Adderley Cannonball. It pushes the boundary within its own. Kasami’s music is rich, innovative and intensive, sweating intensive. “He just plays the craziest shit, man. I mean, everything — the past, present, the future, What I am hearing is a leader among artists.” Says Flying Lotus, founder of Brainfeeder and who has released Your’re Dead! , an otherworldly album mixing Jazz, electronics, hiphops and future bits 10 years ahead of our time.

這不是千篇一律的jazz,不是咖啡館或Soho酒吧的背景音樂。這是爵士天王如John Coltrane, Adderley Cannonball等的正統繼承。Kamasi的音樂豐富,創新和爆炸性的緊湊。「他的音樂最是瘋狂。無論一切 – 過去、現在、未來,我所聽到的是藝術家中的領導者。」Flying Lotus說道。他是Brainfeeder的創始人,去年發布了一張混合爵士,電子,hiphop和各種元素的一張超凡專輯 《Your’re Dead! 》。

Releasing via Brainfeeder label is makes the perfect sense even though it sounds odd at the first thought. Brainfeeder is actually well-known for bending music boundaries. Following the creative progress of Flylo, all the way from 1983 to Your Dead! , he never did leave Jazz behind his mind. Recalling that Flying Lotus, came from John Coltrane’s family. If Kamasi’s mission is “to remove jazz from the shelf of relics and make it new, unexpected, and dangerous again”,  Releasing a jazz album with Brainfeeder is the rightest thing. Imagine how a Lapulux fans would react upon hearing 14-minute of analoggie-lively Sax, trumpet crisscrossing Trombone, and the beats from double drum sets? It simply multiplies the impact.

通過Brainfeeder這著名電子音樂廠牌發布一張jazz專輯好像有點奇怪,但其實又完全地正確。 眾所周知Brainfeeder的很會打破音樂界限。而一聽Flylo過往的作品,從《1983》到《Your’re Dead! 》 ,他從來沒有與爵士樂分開。事實上他自己就有著John Coltrane的血統。如果Kamasi的宗旨是「從文物櫃拿走爵士樂,令它再次變成新鮮的、意想不到和危險的」,那以Brainfeeder推出《The Epic》就沒錯了。試想像一下,Lapulux的樂迷一聽到那14分鐘長的Saxophone、小號長號交錯、兩套鼓的節拍會怎樣反應?

The Epic is a 17 songs, 172 minutes, 3CDs experience, composed by Washington and played by his ten-piece band, (a Dectet, with Kamasi himself on Tenor Saxophone, and Trombone, Trumpet, Piano, Keyboards, Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass, two Drums and Percussion), featuring a 32-piece orchestra and a 20-person choir. It will be released in early May this year. Watch a live clip below. Can you see the burning eyes?

《The Epic》收錄17首歌曲,長達172 分鐘於3CD。全由Kamasi操刀,由他的10人樂隊演奏(─Dectet,Kamasi自己的中音色士風、長號、小號、鋼琴、電子琴、低音吉他,電子低音吉他、兩奪鼓以及敲擊樂),加上32人管弦樂團和20人合唱團助陣。今年5月發布。再看看下面的live,看到那雙燃燒的眼睛嗎?


The Epic Vol.1: The Plan

1. Change of the Guard 12:16
2. Askim 12:35
3. Isabelle 12:13
4. Final Thought 6:32
5. The Next Step 14:49
6. The Rhythm Changes 7:44

The Epic Vol.2: The Glorious Tale

1. Miss Understanding 8:46
2. Leroy and Lanisha 9:24
3. Re Run 8:20
4. Seven Prayers 7:36
5. Henrietta Our Hero 7:14
6. The Magnificent 7 12:46

The Epic Vol.3: The Historic Repetition

1. Re Run Home 14:06
2. Cherokee 8:14
3. Clair de Lune 11:08
4. Malcolm’s Theme 8:41
5. The Message 11:09


Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around #2

Maribou State – Rituals

這對二人電子組合第一次於大學碰面便很快成為好友,並開始了Maribou State。不久之後他們又已得到外國音樂圈所認識,為Kelis, Fatboy Slim and Lana Del Rey等作remixes。 首張專輯即將在六月份出世。

The electronic duo first met each other in University and soon they became firm friends and sparked off their music project as Maribou State. Not long afterwards they gained international reputation with remixes for including Kelis, Fatboy Slim and Lana Del Rey. And It all happened within 2 years. Deput album coming in June.

Young Fathers – Shame

愛丁堡hip hop組合Young Fathers去年驚喜地獲水星獎一事,終於讓我們有機會知道原來音樂可以這樣的活生生的原始。看看他們的現場表演你總會信服吧。他們發布了2首新專輯《White Men Are Black Men Too》的歌曲。

The Edinburgh Hip Hop Group’s surprising win in the Mercury Award last year finally give everyone a chance to know of such a raw and bloody force in music. Watch them live and you will be convinced. So far They have released 2 songs from the new album White Men Are Black Men Too.  

Waxahatchee – Under A Rock

創作歌手Katie Crutchfield 寫歌總是沒有餘地。 “Under A Rock”有關於孤獨,是一首非常簡單的歌。但偏偏這就是它的魅力所在。新專輯 《Ivy Tripp》將於四月份推出。

Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield can write bare-bone songs that everyone loves. “Under A Rock” talks about solitude. A very simple song but that’s where the magic works. Her new album Ivy Tripp is coming in April.

Helena Hauff – The First Time He thought, He Died

德國電子音樂人Helena Hauff的作品有夠污垢和鬱悶。聽得耐隨時把人逼瘋。新專輯叫 《Lex Tertia》,為拉丁文,意思是“第三定律。大概是指牛頓的第三定律:「每一個動作,有一個大小相等,方向相反的反作用力。」

German electronic musician Helena Hauff’s tune is grime and depressing. It could turn you insane for listening for long time. She named her new album Lex Tertia. A Latin phrase meaning “The Third Law”, probably referring to Newton’s Third Law, stating that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Duke Garwood – Burning Seas

Duke Garwood是一位資深樂手,而骨子裏是藍得發黑的藍調音樂人。他最近以最簡陋的風格唱出最新專輯《Heavy Love》內幾首歌。有種不能承受的重。

Duke Garwood is a prolific multi-instrumentalist and deep inside a bluesiest of blues musician. He performed some tracks off his recent album Heavy Love in this stripped-down setting. The results are unbearably heavy.


What’s your colour today?

How would you dedicate your mood to the colours, we have attribute some new music for your company:



Contemporary Jazz band Portico Quartet renamed themselves to be Portico after change of members. New album moved from Jazz to Electronics, and from Real World Record to Ninja Tunes; the rest is no less brilliant. Their music will make you even more draggy. Hope you will be fine. Another depressing one here.


If you are feeling so awesome you could conquer the world today, turn up the volume and watch this clip of world’s most awesome people with Drenge’s We Can Do What We Want. Btw, they are releasing new album.


If you are so depressed you feel rage. Yes, Drenge again is right for you. Never Awake.

The Prodigy Is Back!

The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy HOSPCD005

說起九十年代英倫音樂的代表性名字,除了Blur和Oasis,又怎能不提以”Firestarter” 、”Breathe”強拍重音舞曲征服全球的電音組合The Prodigy。繼2009年的《Invaders Must Die》後,睽違六年的新作《The Day Is My Enemy》亦發表在即,從首發單曲’Nasty’來看,The Prodigy依然「音不驚人誓不休」,強勁Big Beat節拍轟炸樂迷耳朵。

Title Track – The Day Is My Enemy


Wild Frontier

Remember the crazy days?

Wiggles n Tickles! Best New Music Around

Balthazar – Then What

慵懶的聲線配上laid back的音樂,比利時樂隊Balthazar 是歐洲大陸最炙手可熱的樂隊。事實上,他們所有的專輯獲得了MIA(音樂工業獎)。可惜歐洲以外似乎迴響不大。他們很快就要發布第三張專輯《Thin Walls》。讓我們聽聽首支單曲 – Then What。

With the lazy singing and the chilling arrangement, the Belgium band’s unique sounding makes them the hottest band in the Europe continent. Indeed, all of their albums won the MIA (Music Industry Award). It’s a pity there seems not enough noise beyond the continent. They are releasing their 3rd album Thin Walls soon. Let’s listen to the first single.

Cosmo Sheldrake – Tardigrade Song

來自Brighton的天才年輕音樂人Cosmo Sheldrake身懷多種絕技:豐富的音樂元素,充滿異國情調的旋律,多變的編曲和loop station給人無限驚喜。他的最新EP 《Pelicans We》令我們日夜拍手叫唱。當你看到他的現場演出,相信會更加驚訝呢。

This genius young multi-instrumentalists from Brighton gives surprises with everything from his music: rich compositions, exotic melodies, intriguing instrumentation and the loop pedal. His latest EP Pelicans We got us tapping and singing along all days long. You’ll be more surprised when you see his live performance.

Dorian Concept – The Sky Opposite (Tim Hecker Remix)

去年,這個年紀輕輕的電子音樂家在電音界憑首作《Joint Ends》闖出一個名堂。最近他與實驗音樂家Tim Hecker聯手等發布了remix板本。新專輯即將推出啦!

Last year this young electronic musician created a buzz among the electric circle with his soundscapesque deput Joint Ends. He is releasing a remix teaming up with all the giants like experimentalist Tim Hecker. And stay tuned, new album on the way.

Zun Zun Egui – African Tree

我希望一月不會這麼快就結束,因為Zun Zun Egui的新專輯就是在一月發行,不希望人們這麼快就忘記他們。Zun Zun Egui的音樂滿載驚喜:大概想像一下隊英式搖滾樂隊混合了Led Zeppelin和非洲節拍吧!好在評論家和樂迷都喜愛他們。目前為止他們還佔據著年度最佳專輯第四位。

I hope January does not end so soon because it’s the release of the new album of Zun Zun Egui and I do not want people to forget them so soon. Their music sounds special: imagine a British band who mixes Led Zeppelin and African beat. Gladly, critics and music fans love them too. Up until now, its the 4th best album of the year.

Lapulux – Closure

去年Lapulux展示了電子音樂可以有幾黑暗。專輯Nostalchic的製作是如此精緻細膩得近乎變態了。新專輯Closure 即將推出。

Lapulux demonstrated the darkest of dark in electronic music with his last album Nostalchic, a piece so fine and delicate one could smell fetish. New album, Closure is coming soon.


Best of 2014 Game Revealed!

Back in early January we played a game by asking our subscribers to fill out a questionnaire and those who give the best answers will receive gift set. Here are the results!

Q: Choose the appropriate identity

Best: Deluxe Edition – Wee Kang
Ed: Who on earth identify oneself as “deluxe edition”? Who doesn’t like deluxe edition anyway?

Q: What do you suggest Love Da do in 2015?
Best:Host a kickass festival and beat Clockenflap! – Chunsheng
Ed: We received quite alot of replies asking us to make more concerts. This is encouraging! But this one particularly is like pumping gallons of Redbull into our vein!

Q: What is your New Year wish?
Best:買更多Love Da發行的專輯,最好每一張都買齊。- 唯宸
Ed: My boss should marry you.

extra points: Peace in Hong Kong – Wayne
Ed: yes we all do.

Q: What is your favourite album of Love Da’s Best of 2014? Why
Best:“The Pains of Being Pure At Heart 過往一直以Noise-pop樂隊形象示人,同時過去兩張大碟亦取得樂迷一定的認同。噪音配上甜美旋律一直是他們的必殺方程式,可是新專輯《Days of Abandon》卻沒有留戀過往的成功,反之而最簡約的結他Arrangement奪取大家的芳心。

我喜歡他們的大膽嘗試,清楚樂隊不能走進Shoegaze噪音死胡同裡,這次轉型相當之成功。甜蜜男主唱配上女和聲,加上簡單動聽的旋律,窩心程度比次前有過之而無不及。單單是他們的勇氣及成熟度,足以讓它成為我的Love Da’s Best of 2014。” – Nien

Ed: we see the love, man.

And besides, we received most counts for The Temples – Sun Structures!

Thankyou for all of the suggestions and supports. Really great push for us to work harder. Please stay tuned and we promised to give you more good music!

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Sleater-Kinney’s New Album and Why It Is Important

Sleater-Kinney Band PhotoSleater-Kinney或許在香港和亞洲大部分地區是個陌生的名字,但她們不只是一隊又隊的美國Punk Band。從來沒見過所有音樂媒體這麼一致的充滿熱情的期待,Pink Floyd重組沒有見過,Radiohead也沒有見過。 大概因為SK的重要性超越了音樂本身。No Cities To Love好聽,但它絕對值得我們花多點時間了解多一下。

Perhaps a strange name here in Hong Kong and most of Asia, Sleater-Kinney is not just-another-American-punk-rock-band. Never have we seen a band receiving such a widespread enthusiasm by all music media, not Pink Floyd reunion, not Radiohead nor Björk. The importance of SK goes beyond the music itself. It’s a canonical force to the society and we have the obligation to bring that force across the Pacific for you.

Grrl and Women

Sleater-Kinney於1994年組成,命名自她們起始錄音的街道。她們是“Riot Grrl”運動(第三波女權運動)的倡導者之一,主張通過音樂、藝術和文學等文化層面爭取兩性平等。自此,Sleater-Kinney的身份與“女權主義”密不可分,是反對男性主導的社會風氣的標誌。

Named after the street where they record they first album, Sleater-Kinney formed in 1994, they were the advocates of the “Riot Grrl Movement” (Third wave of Feminist movement in the West) which fight for gender equality in culture through music, art and literature. Since then, Sleater-Kinney was inseparable from “feminism”, standing up against the male dominance.

The Music

Bob Dylan等好像都沒有再寫及人們日常生活中的煩惱了,而二十年來S-K一直以來都以此為中心。她們風格上早期以Punk Rock為主,時致今日已演變成不同的形式。不同於上一張充滿即興色彩的專輯WoodsNo Cities To Love花了很長的時間作思考和嘗試,並終於用了2年多來完成。當中乾燥的吉他聲會讓你想起St. Vincent,歌詞又會讓你想起Angel Olsen那哀慟的反思。No Cities To Love絕不是享受懷舊風光的重組專輯,這是當代的,是明確的。而推出新專輯這動作意味著更多。

For 20 years, they have been doing what Bob Dylan and the folks have stopped doing – to write songs about the troubles and concerns of our as well as their daily lives. Starting as punk rock, their music has nonetheless evolved into various forms and styles. Unlike the previous album, Woods, which was spontaneous and improvised, No Cities To Love took a long time sitting down thinking and trying and it finally took over 2 years to produce.  It reminds you of St. Vincent’s guitar work. It reminds you of Angel Olsen’s reflective mourn. No Cities To Love is not a reunion album in attempt to enjoy a good moment of nostalgia. The message is contemporary and clear. And the effort to put out a new album means much more.

To mark the release of their upcoming album, No Cities To Love, Sleater-Kinney asked some of their friends to film themselves singing the title track.

The Statement

在當今互聯網世代,當我們盲目地在YouTube享受著滿屏幕的胸和Instagram上的屁股時,Sleater-Kinney 這面女權主義的大旗的復出簡直是對我們重重的一巴掌。John Lennon寫“Woman is the Nigger of the World”(女人是世界的黑鬼),那是上世紀70年代的事。然而女性的驅體在流行文化中被消費和濫用的頻率從沒有放慢,隨科技發展卻有所加劇。還記得不久以前Chvrches樂隊受到的網上攻擊?家庭暴力仍然在世界許多地方一個嚴重的問題。諷刺是,有幾多年青女子(o靚模)自豪地爭相供出自己身體作為男性慾望下消費品。Sleater-Kinney的作品超出了音樂本身。我們作為樂迷,也應當認識作品好聽之外的大意義以及和有所行動。- Brian

At the contemporary internet age, the resurface of SK – the big flag of feminism – acts as a heavy slap to face while we are mindlessly enjoying boobs on YouTube and the bums on Instagram. When John Lennon wrote “Woman is the Nigger of the World”, it was the 70’s. Yet, the consumption of the female body in the pop culture never did slow down. It advances with technology. Remember the ugly internet sexism with the Chvrches? And never forget domestic violence is still, in many parts of the world, a serious issue. Ironically, we see teenage girls are proud and happy to offer themselves as the It-girl, competing and falling comfortably under the male gaze. Sleater-Kinney comes as an Artist, as their Art has come beyond the body of work. And thus for us as music lovers, we have an obligation to know what is more than the aesthetics of the work and to react. – Brian

Album Covers

wodsSK的專輯封面不賣壯觀漂亮,但總有故事。上一張專輯The Woods是在舞台上紅幕下的樹木 – 有機和被操縱的矛盾對立。是樂隊長休前的吶喊嗎?

Always loving SK’s album covers. Nothing spectacular or beautiful, but they always tell a story. Last album The Woods shows trees put on stage with red curtains – a contradiction of being organic and being controlled and calculated. Is it a cry out before hiatus?







No Cities to LoveA bunch of dying pale flowers. Signs of Vanity?






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回顧2014年的國際樂壇 – 2014 And Beyond


回顧2014年的國際樂壇,當中不乏一些重要的「回歸」。Kate Bush今年重回舞台,舉行35年來首次演唱會; Slowdive、Ride的重組固然教一眾獨立樂迷為之興奮,連「教父級」的 Pixies、The Vaselines也在這年發表新作; 雖然現今EDM   (Electronic Dance Music)盛行,Warp廠牌旗下的電音皇牌Aphex Twin卻以一張Old Skool IDM (Intelligence Dance Music)  專輯《Syro》作出反擊; 當然還少不了Pink Floyd二十年來的「新作」《The Endless River》。


不過,若論2014年最重要的音樂「回歸」,相信就不得不提黑膠唱片。在這個樂迷可以在Spotify、Rdio這些線上串流平台聆聽音樂,連U2也要向iTunes靠攏、Thom Yorke讓自己的專輯在Bit Torrent任意下載的數碼年代,當人們以為實體唱片已死,黑膠唱片的銷售數字這一年卻錄得超過50%增長,甚至是自1991年以來的最高水平,除了一眾資歷深的老樂迷,年青樂迷也因為嚮往黑膠唱片暖和的Analogue聲音「重返」唱片店找尋他們的心頭好,趕緊買一台台唱盤回家。究竟這是黑膠唱片年代正式回歸,還是音樂工業的一種迥光反照,抑或是傳媒吹捧出來的Hipster文化,2015年大家拭目以待吧!








展望2015年,三人女子崩樂團Sleater-Kinney新專輯《No Cities To Love》力壓Adele、Radiohead、New Order成為 樂迷最期待的新專輯,The Libertines即將發表十年來的全新專輯同時也不要忘記樂隊成員Carl Barât的個人作品,近二十年來英國最成功的電音組合The Prodigy新專輯已經蓄勢待發,而重組後的Fleetwood Mac巡迴演出也教人期待!

 – 榮

Looking back in the 2014 music scene, we see a series of important “Comebacks”. The fabulous Kate Bush is on stage again since 35 years ago; the reunion of Slowdive and Ride was probably the most exciting news for some of us; the Pixies and the Vaselines – some of the “godfathers” of indie rock – resurfaced with new albums. Though EDM is sweeping across nowadays, Aphex Twins brought back an IDM (Intelligence Dance Music) album to the battle with Syro. On the frontier, there is The Endless River, the first Pink Floyd Album since 20 years.


However, the most significant “Comeback” in 2014 is undoubtedly the vinyl disc. Just when everything is available on Spotify or Rdio; when U2 is befriending iTunes and Thom Yorke has totally abandoned physical release putting his album on Bit Torrent; just when we think that physical music record is on its deathbed drawing the last breathe, the sales of vinyl records last year has surprisingly increased over 50%, reaching its highest since 1991. The trend is not for old pal’s only. Young music lovers realize the analogue sounding and warm tone of LPs and so a lot of them return to treasure hunting at record stores, flipping and digging through shelves and racks. Is it a renaissance for vinyl record? Or is it the last mourning song at the funeral? Or is it just a hipster shit? Let us find out in 2015!


In early 2015, 3-piece punk band Sleater-Kinney is releasing No Cities To Love, surpassing Adele and even Radiohead and New Order to be the most anticipated albums of various music magazines. Love it or hate it, the Libertines is preparing their new album since 10 years ago while one of the likely lad, Carl Barât is releasing his second solo album. Mind you, the greatest UK electronic group of recent decades – the Prodigy – is coming back with brand new album!  Please stay with us for more stories of indie music! Continue reading “回顧2014年的國際樂壇 – 2014 And Beyond”

BEST OF 2014 and gift for you!

我們LOVE DA Facebook專頁的粉絲人數達到四千了!為了慶祝這一新里程碑,我們決定回饋各位的支持。只要你Like到我們的FB專頁,然後點擊這裏完成問卷,當中每條問題答得最好的一位朋友我們會送上任君選擇” Love Da Best Of 2014″其中一張專輯以及其他限量「小禮物」,記住「莫等待,光陰不會復來….」快點動動腦筋吧!

Here comes the best 50 of Love Da Records in 2014. Do they match with some of yours? To celebrate the New Year and Love Da Facebook page reaching 4000+ subscribers, we are giving out our Best of 2014!  Like our FB page and click here to complete the survey, those with the best answers to each of the questions will receive an album OF YOUR CHOICE with gift sets!

1. Alt-J – This Is All Yours
2. Temples – Sun Structures

3. Karen O – Crush Songs
4. Röyksopp – Inevitable End
5. Aphex Twin – Syro
6. Melanie De Biasio – No Deal
7. Chet Faker – Built On Glass
8. Marianne Faithfull – Give My Love To London
9. Lisa Stansfield – Seven (Deluxe Edition)
10. Blues Pills – Blues Pills

11. Various Artists – 最愛唱片
12. The Pretty Reckless – Going To Hell (Deluxe)
13. Sinead O’Connor – I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss
14. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Wanderlust
15. Bryan Ferry – Avonmore
16. Ok Go – Hungry Ghosts
17. Within Temptation – Hydra
18. Billy Idol – Kings & Queens of The Underground
19. The Drums – Encyclopedia
20. Fifi Rong – Fifi Rong
21. The Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants
22. Tina Dico – Whispers
23. Flying Lotus – You’re Dead!
24. Nina Persson – Animal Heart
25. Eels – The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett
26. John Grant and The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra
27. James – La Petit Mort
28. J Mascis – Tide To A Star
29. Tricky – Adrian Thaws (with bonus tracks) 
30. Status Quo – Aquostic (Stripped Bare)
31. Swans – To Be Kind
32. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz – Tyranny
33. Suzanne Vega – Tales From The Realm Of the Queen Of Pentacle
34. The Afghan Whigs – Do to the Beast
35. Machine Head – Bloodstone & Diamonds
36. Kelis – Food
37. VA – Awesome EDM Vol. 2 Inspired By Martin Garrix
38. Young Fathers – Dead
39. East India Youth – Total Strife Forever (Deluxe)
40. VA – LOVE Indie Rock 2
41. Plastikman – EX
42. Kate Tempest – Everybody Down’
43. Snowbird – Moon
44. Pixies – Indie Cindy
45. Thievery Corporation – Saudade
46. Hercules And Love Affair – The Feast Of The Broken Heart
47. Erasure – The Violet Flame(2CD)
48. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Days of Abandon
49. Various Artists – The Ultimate Spin 2014
50. Neneh Cherry – Blank Project

The Questionaire:






淺談經典獨立音樂廠牌 Bella Union


「如果你以為我們這十幾年時間都是一帆風順,那就大錯特錯了。我們曾經被唱片發行商「走數」瀕臨破產邊緣,我也曾想過把廠牌結束算了。營運獨立音樂廠牌是一門「手停口停」的生意,我懷疑有多少人願意這樣賭博。」很難想像,這是出自前Cocteau Twins成員、現今著名獨立音樂廠牌Bella Union主腦人Simon Raymonde的口中。

如果要講一個關於Bella Union的故事,就不得不從Cocteau Twins說起。話說當年Cocteau Twins離開了4AD後加入了主流廠牌,發表了 “Four Calender Café”以及 “Milk and Kisses”兩張專輯,但他們並不甘於創作被大廠牌束縛,所以打算成立一家獨立品牌出版唱片,出版自己的創作以及跟其他樂手合作的成果。然而當廠牌標誌製作了,宣傳品也印了,Cocteau Twins卻在那時候宣佈解散。樂隊成員Simon Raymonde和Robin Guthrie決定將這個小廠牌的生命延續下去,到處發掘優秀的新樂隊,為他們出版唱片。廠牌早期簽下的音樂人,包括了合作至今的澳洲三人後搖樂團Dirty Three、法國女歌手Françoiz Breut 以及美國樂隊The Czars等。「那個時候(1997年)我才35歲,但已經在獨立音樂圈子打滾了十五年,我覺得自己的經驗可以傳遞給新生代樂手。」Simon Raymonde說道。

踏入了2000年代,廠牌出現了變化,創辦人之一Robin Guthrie移居法國,專注個人音樂發展,Simon Raymonde從此肩負起廠牌「話事人」的要務。而廠牌所簽下的新晉音樂人,音樂風格也有點迥異,無論是民謠的Laura Veirs、迷幻的Lift To Experience和後搖的Explosions In The Sky、Gwei Lo、Departure Lounge,都豐富了廠牌的音樂內涵,這也歸功於廠牌給予了樂手足夠的創作自由度。

2006年,對Bella Union來說稱得上是十分成功的一年,旗下藝人Midlake、The Dears, 、Howling Bells、Fionn Regan的專輯不單得到樂評人的高度評價,同時也獲得不俗的商業成就,其中唱作人Fionn Regan的專輯更獲得Mercury Music Prize年度最佳專輯提名。

2008年,美國Indie Folk樂隊Fleet Foxes的同名專輯平地一聲雷,唱片銷量達到白金數字,成為全年最佳銷量的獨立音樂唱片,並且連續高踞英國大碟榜達一百周之久。「Fleet Foxes的成功令人們對Bella Union多加關注,就像當年人們因為Cocteau Twins而認識4AD一樣,那個時候我每天都會收到來自世界各地樂隊寄來的大量Demo,希望Bella Union幫他們出版唱片。」

2010年,Bella Union赢得Music Week Awards「年度獨立音樂廠牌」之榮譽,而之前這個獎項的得主,XL Recordings、Rough Trade Records、Domino Records、Ministry of Sound.,已是樂迷的信心標記。

經歷過艱難的日子,現在的Bella Union可以說是「苦盡甘來」,但難能可貴的地方是Bella Union的出品依然保持高質素。Beach House、 Department of Eagles、Our Broken Garden、Peter Broderick、John Grant、The Low Anthem、Hannah Cohen、Lanterns On The Lake成為各大小音樂媒體年終最佳專輯榜的寵兒。

Simon Raymonde說,Bella Union的成功離不開幾個因素,首先是他不會過份考量唱片銷量,當然一張專輯銷量好他會感到很欣慰,但最重要還是好的音樂質素。音樂質素不佳,會對廠牌形象造成破壞。其次是他會視旗下樂手如朋友,而不是工作夥伴甚至是老闆和員工的關係,因為他希望樂手可以開心而無拘束地玩音樂。「這就是真正的獨立音樂精神了。」

也許我們可以在Bella Union找到點點4AD的影子,所說的不單是音樂風格,而是敢於冒險的獨立音樂精神。

Staff Pick: KiNgGhEa ThU – The Pretty Reckless

Taylor Momsen是童星出身,小時候就拍過許多電影和廣告,現職則為演員/歌手/模特兒。現在這位美國熱門電視劇 Gossip Girl中演Jenny Humphrey的少女更要自組搖滾樂團!?

taylor monsen

2002年裡拍了奇幻森林歷險記Hansel & Gretel , 非常小特務II:夢境島Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams。曾是英國時裝品牌New Look 2010 春/夏時裝的代言人。現在她最新成為Madonna時裝品牌Material Girl 的代言人.

taylor monsen 2

The Pretty Reckless,成立於2009年,是一支來自美國紐約由Taylor Momsen領軍的搖滾樂團。音樂風格走的是alternative rock與 hard rock。最初的團名本來是叫作The Reckless,但後來因為商標問題所以改成了The Pretty Reckless。TPR在2010年6月22日發行了同名EP,同年8月30日發行了首張專輯Light Me Up.

緊接於2014發行大碟Going To Hell,享受墮落的快感吧!

Eels is releasing their 11th album – The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

以”E”先生Mark Oliver Everett為中心的美國樂團Eels (THE EELS),將於四月推出第十一張專輯”The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett”。2014年其中一張最值得期待的專輯。與其說Eels是尋求不斷於音樂層面上推進的樂團,不如說他們歷來每張專輯都能切實地呈現出故事性,每張都是完整的「概念專輯」。

“E”早期的人生可謂多災多難,除了父親去世、親妹妹患上精神分裂而自殺、母親死於肺癌外,甚至連表妹也於911事件中不幸罹難。不少歌手或樂團都會將自己的故事放進專輯當中,可是”E”災難性的早期人生加上天賜的講故事才華,讓Eels一開始就備受注目。98年Eels經典專輯”Electro-Shock Blues”,忠實反映了”E”早年的悲劇人生而大獲好評。

十年後,”E”親自撰寫並推出自傳”Things the Grandchildren Should Know”,書名與Eels 05年專輯”Blinking Lights and Other Revelations”的最後一曲相同。那年Eels每逢巡演,”E”都會在台上朗讀書中的某些章節。

Eels的音樂從來都與”E”的人生緊緊結合,音樂明顯是”E”的情緒出口。不過”E”沒有以完全絕望消極的態度面對,或當音樂是純粹發洩的工具,就算被公認為最傷感的專輯”Electro-Shock Blues”聽起來也不似想像中苦得難以入口。這是”E”的獨特魅力,他選擇別人願意傾聽的語調 -- 生命的不幸與無常他知道很多,卻並沒有因此變成一個硬倔倔的怒漢或絕望消極的青年 -- 他粗獷,卻是個不失風度的绅士,跟你幽默地講故事;假如”E”沒有經歷過劫難,無論憤怒或幽默都會顯得空洞和乾巴巴。

自傳推出後,「三部曲」專輯隨之而來,”Hombre Lobo”、”End Times”,然後是釋懷般的最後一部”Tomorrow Morning”,那時他說「大家總覺得我的歌好悲,那麼這次請閉上嘴好好聽這張專輯」。”Tomorrow Morning”就像陽光燦爛的日子裡輕輕飄落的一塊塊花瓣,每塊都帶點”E”的沙啞。然後上年第十張專輯,Eels竟然對大家說”Wonderful, Glorious”。

eels hobre lobo

所以一看到Eels新專輯題名為”The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett”,將自己的名字完整地搬出來,就很期待想看看”E”如何將自己的故事延續下去。所以我不會跟你說,Eels每張專輯音樂上又有甚麼突破,Eels不是這樣的樂團。


“E”的自傳”Blinking Lights and Other Revelations”:

Eels最新單曲’Mistakes Of My Youth’:

Staff Pick: James| da Mighty Kitsuné label

You better keep your eyes on those new bands and artists discovered by da Mighty Kitsuné label

24th Feb 2014
VA – Kitsuné New Face
new face




Stay Tune for the next session of Kitsune Club Night HONG KONG featuring da
Kitsuné NEW FACES in coming months…….
Kitsuné New Faces 試聽


10th Feb 2014
llum Sphere – Ghost of Then And Now
illum sphere


My Groove of da WEEK

Illum Sphere – ‘Sleeprunner’ (Zed Bias Remix)

Illum Sphere – ‘Embryonic’ ft. Shadowbox


10th Feb 2014
VA – DJ-Kicks: Brandt Brauer Frick

dj kicks


01. Jan Jelinek – HipBird
02. Inkswel – Australaborialis
03. Theo Parrish – Electric Alleycat
04. Dollkraut – Rollercoaster
05. William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Mind
06. Max Graef – Bummse
07. Brandt Brauer Frick – Bommel
08. Kingdom – Stalker Ha
09. Parental Control – Feel Like / Le K – Abraz
10. Alfabet (Awanto 3 & Tom Trago) – Lap The Music
11. Fantastic Man – Late At Night
12. Brandt Brauer Frick – Out Of Tash
13. Galaxy 2 Galaxy feat. Atlantis – Transition
14. Peverelist – Sun Dance
15. DJ Do Bass – To Catchy
16. French Fries – White Screen
17. Chico Mann – Soul Freedom
18. James Braun & Troels Abrahamsen – Wooden Knuckles
19. Glenn Astro – How I Miss You
20. Philogresz – Edge
21. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Vector
22. Cosmin TRG – Echolab Disaster
23. MMM – Re-tics
24. Jam City – How We Relate To The Body
25. Brandt Brauer Frick – Hugo (DJ-Kicks)
26. Machinedrum – Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
27. Thundercat – Tenfold
28. Dean Blunt – Galice



Singles of the Week #3

Suzanne Vega – Fool’s Complaint
美國唱作歌手 Suzanne Vega 上一次推出錄音室專輯已經是七年前的事,2014年最新專輯”Tales From The Realm Of the Queen Of Pentacles”已經推出!

Jimi Goodwin – Oh! Whisky

Doves 成員 Jimi Goodwin 的首張個人專輯”Odludek”將於三月推出,ShortList Magazine 網站獨家發佈了單曲’Oh! Whiskey’的MV

Joan As Police Woman – Holy City
英國報章 The Telegraph 網上獨家發放 Joan As Police Woman 單曲’Holy City’的MV。’Holy City’收錄於將在三月推出的新專輯”The Classic”當中。

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Snowbird – All Wishes Are Ghosts
於冰島拍攝的Snowbird單曲’All Wishes Are Ghosts’ MV,導演Jamie Stone指故事靈感來自冰島詩人Jóhann Sigurjónsson於一個世紀前所寫的劇本”The Outlaw”。

Chet Faker – Talk Is Cheap
澳洲電子音樂人 Chet Faker 的名字和慵懶的唱腔也許會讓人聯想起經典爵士樂手Chet Baker。原名Nicholas Murphy的Chet Faker,揉合了jazz/r&b的輕柔和house/disco電子音樂元素,充滿天份且風格鮮明的他首張EP “Thinking In Textures” 在澳洲國內錄得金唱片的銷量,並引起了各地樂迷的注意。

如果你喜歡Bonobo (Bonobo Official)一類down tempo電子音樂,大概也會喜歡上Chet Baker。事實上於2013年Bonobo就邀請了Chet Faker作為巡演的暖場嘉賓,兩人更曾經同台合唱。Chet Faker首張專輯”Built On Glass”將於四月推出,充滿創意的單曲’Talk Is Cheap’ MV亦已上載於Youtube!絕對值得一看。

The Pretty Reckless – Heaven Knows
The Pretty Reckless 充滿’We Will Rock You’感覺的搖滾進行曲’Heaven Knows’ MV!

Singles of the week #2

Happy Chinese New Year!

Jamaica – Hello Again

法國搖滾新寵JAMAICA 全新大碟 “Ventura” 將於三月底推出 !

Eels – The Cautionnary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

有外號”E”之稱的 Mark Oliver Everett,由首張專輯”Beautiful Freak”開始,帶領著 THE EELS 走進第十七個年頭了。EELS宣佈新專輯”The Cautionnary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett”將於今年內發行!”E”將他本人名字作新專輯的題名,並稱「這是一個極其私密和逼真的,關於內心掙扎的紀錄」。

Pixies – Magdalena

從2004年開始,美國樂團 PIXIES 一直於世界各地巡演了七年,之間幾乎沒有錄過任何音樂。但他們終於感到飢餓,他們渴望被評論,不想被遺忘,並希望真正回到樂壇成為重要的樂團。終於PIXIES四子排除萬難,花了近兩年時間籌備並錄製一系列新曲,包括在上年6月供免費下載的單曲’BagBoy’,並於 YouTube 得到超過一百四十萬次點擊。証明了他們仍然很有火!


Liz Green – Where the River Don’t Flow

被英國衛報 The Guardian 形容為「怪雞而充滿魔力」的女音樂人 Liz Green,當年贏得由 Glastonbury Festival 為提拔新人而舉辦的Emerging Talent Competition而備受注目,接著於2011年由歐洲一大廠牌 [PIAS] 發行的首張專輯”O, Devotion!”更贏得不少樂迷及樂評人的青睞。Liz Green宣佈準備於今年四月推出第二張專輯”Haul Away!”,並發佈了單曲’Where The River Don’t Flow’的MV,以貫徹Liz Green怪雞風格,帶點Tim Burton味道的Stop Motion手法拍成:


Moby – Almost Home

電音小活佛 Moby 宣佈將於三月推出Almost Home – Live at the Fonda, LA的現場演出DVD!

We Are Scientist – Dumb Luck

來自美國紐約的 We Are Scientists,憑05年第二張專輯”With Love and Squalor”創下半年內錄得超過十萬銷量的紀錄;三年後的”Brain Thrust Mastery”更闖上英國榜的11位,在遙遠的英國比在家鄉美國還要受歡迎。2014年We Are Scientists將推出新專輯”TV en Français”,並發放了單曲’Dumb Luck’的MV:

TOY – It’s Been So Long

Kelis – Jerk Ribs

曾贏得 BRIT AwardsNME Magazine、Q Awards及兩度提名格林美獎的實力歌手 Kelis,宣佈轉會到 Ninja Tune Official 後的首張新專輯”Food”將於四月推出!新專輯由 TV On The Radio 創團人及身兼Yeah Yeah YeahsFoalsLiars 監製的音樂人 Dave Sitek 主理。