John Lennon / Yoko Ono – Unfinished Music, No. 1: Two Virgins

Release Date: 11 Nov 16

Artist: John Lennon / Yoko Ono
Album name: Unfinished Music, No. 1: Two Virgins
Release Date: 11 Nov 16
Genre: Alternative
Label: Secretly Canadian

The Beatles主將約翰連儂 (John Lennon)跟日籍兼著名藝術家小野洋子 (Yoko Ono) (後來二人結為夫妻) 實驗音樂作品三部曲之一,這也是約翰連儂首次以The Beatles以外個人身份灌錄音樂。

專輯在約翰連儂位於Kenwood自家錄音室通宵灌錄,利用Tape Loops、傳統樂器加上人聲的拼貼。全裸出鏡的專輯封面當年飽受各種爭議。

Turns out the very sound of falling in love is just as abstract, subjective and loopy as the concept
itself. Yoko Ono and John Lennon are two of history’s greatest lovers, and Two Virgins is the
document of the pair falling in love in real time. The album is a curious and amazing suite
recorded over one weekend in Spring 1968 at Lennon’s Kenwood home: Distant conversations;
comedic role playing and footsteps; laughter, birdcalls and plunking piano lines; silly songs and
space; tape delay stretching shrieks, bass rumbles and moans to the moon and back again.

The now-iconic cover (featuring Ono and Lennon standing nude together) notwithstanding,
nothing about Two Virgins is safe. It would be a risky move today for artists in the larger, popculture
conversation just as it was a risky move in 1969. But this is an uncomfortably private,
two-person dialogue about—and celebration of —experimentation, inspiration and play. And
these two souls bravely let us look through the keyhole.


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