Junk Son – Beginning Ending Pretending

Release Date: 04 Nov 16

Artist: Junk Son
Album name: Beginning Ending Pretending
Release Date: 04 Nov 16
Genre: Indie
Label: 37 Adventures

Draw a triangle from Massive Attack to Warp and Lamb and there’s Junk Son at the tip.

Riding the ever-evolving wave of bedroom electronica, the debut album from Goldsmiths graduate John Dunk is a striking testament to the power of doing-it-for-yourself. All lush, soft-focus vocals, low-key glitchtronica and soaring, piano-laden flourishes, Beginning Ending Pretending is a soulful record of electronic torch songs you can play to anyone, at any time and in any place. It’s an album boosted by that personal touch, but one that is still refreshingly unfamiliar, doling out new twists and turns on every fresh listen.

Out November 4 via London label 37 Adventures, the 11-track LP rolls through balearic pop, nu-disco, ambient and trip-hop, while daubing itself with thick, big screen brushstrokes. There’s a soundtrack quality to the album, and that’s largely owing to John’s job writing music for media. Though the classically trained musician divides his time accordingly between his creative and commercial endeavours, there’s a holistic element to what he does. Though John says he enjoys his paid work. “It’s a good exercise,” he quips. “And it is still largely informed by my Junk Son material.”


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